Thursday, May 21, 2009

The 40th Anniversary Dinner of NJC

I had been advised to come early as parking within the college grounds was limited. NJC is still at its original location in Linden Drive. As I drove into the entrance, I could not resist thinking back and recalling how I was personally involved in any way with NJC back in 1969.
Early in that year, we had begun planning for the Tahan trip. And our plans included offering 6 places for any NJC male students who will be selected after our physical training and trials had been concluded.
Twang Peck Ee, Balbir and myself were always present for the Bt Timah hill climbs and our endurance treks in Mandai, Jurong and assess the aspiring and hopeful participants, of which more than 120 had been a part of. At the Dinner I met one of these hopefuls,who although he did not make it...still recalled those testing times!

The original 69 niners with their original 1st founding principal Mr Lim Kim Woon who is in his 70's now.


Seah Lye Huat autographing Julia's copy of the special Book.
Mr Seah Lye Huat was the 1st PE/CCA head of NJC. We were seated next to each other at our guest table hosted by the bubbly Julia d'Silva of the Project Sweet Sweet who co-ordinated the production of the Commemorative Book on the founding year of NJC.
Lye Huat is featured prominently in the book.
There were original 1st batch students as well as teacing staff present too.

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