Friday, May 1, 2009

Old News clippings...the New Nation, 1977

This was the front page headline news of the 2nd major English newspaper in Singapore over 30 odd years ago.
The date: Monday May 30 1977.
The headline: "The sweet taste of success..."
Does anyone recall this famous occasion? Where was this picture taken? What was the success that drew such a huge crowd of adoring fans among which was yours truly..
unk Dicko?
Perhaps the younger ones will draw a blank. However, the old-timers should recall why there was such a huge fanfare in all our papers and in the streets of Singapore that unforgettable weekend.
Anyone like to make a guess?
The answer will be in more pictures soon.


Anonymous said...

Anything to do with soccer and wining Malaysia?

unk Dicko said...

Hi there,
Yes, your guess is quite accurate.
The story is connected to soccer but not a win over Malaysia. It was a most memorable win over a Malaysian state.
Watch out for my coming post with full details and pics.