Friday, May 1, 2009

Sun Tan The Asia Magazine.

How many of you still recall the "Asia Magazine" that always came with the Sunday Times free of charge?
Well, I not only do but enjoyed reading it so much that I kept clippings of articles and stories and especially the witty and humourous by Colette.
The Sun Tan series was one of my long time favourites.

After reading the magazine, I took out my pair of scissors and cut out that cartoon portion for my archives.

Each cartoon represented one Sunday weekend.
They always made me chuckle in glee!


Ed said...

I miss the magazine!! It's interesting how there really is no information on The Asia Magazine on the web. Guess it's time to hit the library.....

unk Dicko said...

Hi Ed,
Thanks for visiting! The Asia Magazine was something that I looked forward to every Sunday much like you.
For younger people today..they may not know that it was a separate magazine that carried its own style,pictures and stories. And the stories were truly excellent, in-depth and very well-written too!
If you can find in library, pl come back here and comment. Would like to know.
I'll find time to share more of my own cartoons,stories etc,,from the Asia Mag in this blog.

wayne moises said...

I read all the Manila Times/Asia Magazine when I was six years old at that time and the comic section was a Burmese peasant/countryman inspired from a rural townsfolk since during the 1960's era based from a format fromBurma/Myanmar became popular in Southeast Asia serialized in Asia Magazine published in several countries around the world remain worldwide .thanks for the information about your comments in your opinion .from:Wayne

Paresh Kamani said...

I miss the Asia Magazine so much for the simple comic strip - I looked forward everytime to it - Now SPH has even cut the ST comics to so little - King Tut/ Nancy/Non Sequitor just to name a few

Deva John said...

I was thinking of sun tan and that very thoughtful and thought provoking and sometimes totally helarious cartoons recently. Asia magazine opened up for me (a rural guy)a very different world of intregue. Thanks for those memories