Monday, September 21, 2009

A 1956 Time Capsule discovered..newsclip.

In 1990, this report appeared in the Straits Times on 16 November. It was written by reporter Mathew Pereira.
Time Capsules of the past are so different from the ones we bury today. Just look at that blackened and oxidised canister in the photo. Yet, it had served its purpose well as the contents reveal.
This time capsule was most probably buried on April 26 1956, as among the artifacts within, were 2 newspapers of the day....The Singapore Standard and the Nanyang Siang Pau. The date on the front page of the newspapers can be clearly seen.
David Marshall, who was then the Chief Minister of Singapore, is featured on the front page with his trademark tobacco pipe. The heading of that report ...
" The First Jolt!".
Between the heading Singapore Standard is an image of a tiger. So, sometimes people refer to the paper as the Singapore Tiger Standard.
Another point of interest is the old photo of the AIA Building as it was back in 1956 in Robinson Road.

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