Monday, September 14, 2009

Beautiful Sentosa!

Singaporeans are great travellers. Even during the one week September school holidays like this week that just went by, many would go for short trips.
However this time round,with H1N1 still swirling around the ASEAN and Asian regions, many families have decided not to venture abroad...especially those with young children. They faced a dilemma......
how to occupy the kids and allow one and all to have a fabulous time in lieu of not travelling ?
That problem also confronted us Yippie people. We wanted all our 4 grandkids and their parents to spend time together, have fun and develop further bonding. A suggestion was made ( Let's go to a resort ! ) and we acted on it immediately.

If ever you find yourself in the same situation as might want to consider this.
We Yippie people booked three adjoining rooms at the Rasa Sentosa Resort located at Siloso Beach, Sentosa Island, for a three day stay. Our rooms were located on the 8th storey and had a beautiful and panoramic view of the sea front.
The 3 day package for room accomodation plus American breakfast costs about $700 +(Singapore ) per room...which is money well-spent indeed. Sentosa is today a world-class attraction on practically every tourist "must see, visit or stay" list, once they are in Singapore.
And there's no better place to relax and occupy oneself with the never -ending things to do, see, try and taste!

For unk Dicko, who has seen the island, formerly named Pulau Blakang Mati, transformed from what it was before in the 50's and 60's to what it is truly breathtaking and a blessing. The whole island has changed so much ...for the better. It is almost like a gigantic paradise isle, a magical playground by day or night. There is so much that visitors can do, see, try out, taste or simply relax. The ambience of Sentosa as day turns into night must be seen to be appreciated fully. I have been to many resorts around the world and I think Sentosa is truly world-class. With the Integrated Casino resorts presently under construction and other newly added attractions like "Thrill and Spill" will be one awesome place !

Rasa Sentosa Resort, where we stayed for 3 days, is truly good value for money. The rooms have breath-taking views each with a private balcony.

Photo: Unk Dicko enjoying the ambience at "our" private balcony.
Nothing beats reading the Sunday Times on a cool morning with such a view!
The food was excellent and so was the service standard. We have nothing but compliments for the whole setup.

Packing for such a stay is practically hassle-free since we drove our cars there. No such thing as luggage limit, no fear of over-packing too. The amenities at the resort are more than sufficient to cater to one and all. The most popular attraction is the Swimming pool and the water slides for kids.
When we were there, my estimate is about 50% of the guests are fellow Singaporeans...with the same purpose in mind.

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