Thursday, September 24, 2009

Old news clippings.. post 9-11 babies

This photo appeared on the cover of the Feb 25 edition of PEOPLE Magazine, in 2002.
This S Times news clip is dated Feb 16 2002.
There are 31 women each carrying her own baby born after the 9-11 terrorist attacks in the USA.
They were all pregnant at the time of that terrible tragedy and all their husbands died on that dark and fateful day.
These cute and innocent babies will grow up without knowing the love of their daddies and without being able to talk to their daddies. Most poignant and touching!
The terrorists responsible for the WTC attacks think they have won or are winning.
But I say look closely at the faces of these mothers who were all victims too.
Sadness maybe, Disappointment maybe...but not a shred of FEAR can I detect.
As MM LKY had previously assessed, in the long run "they [ the terrorists] simply cannot win."

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