Thursday, September 24, 2009

Old news clippings...HITLER's relatives in USA.

In several interviews that I gave sometime ago at my home, I was asked this question..." Unk Dicko, we understand you collect and keep lots of old news clippings spanning many decades in your storeroom and cabinets. Can you tell us more about your "old newspapers"? What kind of topics or subjects do you go for?"
So, rather than just answer the question with so many words, I pulled out some of my thick files, mostly yellowed by age, and flipped through the contents within and spoke about them.
My paper and magazine clippings cover practically all the major news and stories both local and foreign...on almost all subjects. I was then asked if I had any particular favourites when picking out stories to archive.
Certainly, I told them...history, geography, sports, human behaviour, language, crime and injustice, music, travel, big stories...are some of them.
Take this news clipping about Hitler which appeared in the Straits Times of 9 Feb 2002. I would classify it under History.
It caught my attention back then as I was not aware that Hitler had real blood relatives still around, let alone in the USA until I came across this report.
Were any of you aware?
The late William Patrick Hitler was the nephew of infamous Hitler. He emigrated to USA, married and had 3 sons who lived with their mother in Long Island, New York.
( Click on the report to read ).
In coming posts, I have more interesting clips to share...some from the 60's, some startling and all are original.

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