Saturday, September 5, 2009

Singapore bashing again!

Did any of you read this report which was published a few days ago in the Straits Times edition of 2 September 2009?

This former Malaysian minister is BLAMING our MM Lee Kuan Yew for having sown " the poison" 40 years ago for the recent spate of incidents involving the Hindus and Malays across the causeway.
He even had the audacity to blame our highly respected MM for the outbreak of the May 13 1969 racial riots in Malaysia.
What a moron this fella is!
Generally, I do not comment on Malaysian politics.
But this is an exception.
I hope Singaporeans will stand up and rebut this spurious nonsense.
Nothing is further from the truth in what he has reportedly said.

The causes for the May 13 riots of 1969 have been researched and the facts and findings published in scholarly books.
You can read much of the material on the internet. I have read many accounts from different authors and some have suggested that the racial riots were pre-planned by the Abdul Razak faction in UMNO for the purpose of getting rid of the Tunku from his PM post. The hatchet man chosen was Menteri Besar of Selangor, Dato Harun.
It appeared the whole thing was very carefully orchestrated to create the maximum impact to show the Tunku was ineffective and to forever, once and for all, frighten off the non-Malays in Malaysia ...never to challenge or question or bring up sensitive UMNO Malay-Muslim issues...ever again. Generally, that has been so since 1969. But in recent times, owing to widespread increase in corruption, scandals, crime and the fact that UMNO has lost much ground in the last elections...the ultras in UMNO are playing up race and religion again.
But why the need to deliberately attack Singapore and LKY?
Why the need to twist and distort history?
For all Singaporeans who may not know what really happened, the chronology of events leading
to Singapore being bullied "blue-black" and LKY being "hammered" ( a gentle word I assure you, it was much worse than that, in those days) by the UMNO ultras, led openly by their appointed front man...the hatchet man, Syed Ja'ffar Albar.
I won't go into the exhaustive details in this short post.
However I urge all of you to read chapter 36, titled " Albar stokes up Malay passions" starting from page 551 of The Singapore Story...
Memoirs of LEE KUAN YEW, to get a full understanding of the background story and not be
fooled by this moronic ex-UMNO minister.

Btw, I have some original news clippings from foreign newspaper of May 1969 which reported that the so-called riots were in many instances not so...the poor, innocent victims were massacred, many in full view of the police and soldiers who did nothing to stop the killing.

Finally, look closely at the last paragraph.
I won't even want to waste my time to rebut this "hogwash" of a claim...." Malaysia has a developed world democracy"! Laughable!
In the same breath he openly criticised Singapore!
I wonder if he even understand what the term means ?


Lam Chun See said...

Irritating but not so dangerous. The kris-waving guy is worse.

peter said...

Actually in Malaysia, you trust oral information (undergroudn information) more than printed information. By the time information gets printed, it is old information or not accurate.