Friday, September 4, 2009

Some Straits Times Advertisements... August 1965

As I was going through my news clippings file, I spotted something about 1965.
These were various advertisements found in the Straits Times of August 1965.
These two pages came from the LIFESTYLE magazine of August/September 1990.

The products shown here:
1. Tancho Hair Dressings - came in 3 selections.
Tancho Tique, Tancho Pomade and Tancho Hair
2. SAAB car - really elegant Swedish-made car.
3. NEC television set
4. Sony radio
5. Pagol watch
6. Wate-On ... a liquid weight gain formula food.
7. Her World magazine
8. Sanyo products

Back in those days, I guess many of us must have used Tancho for our hair. It had a particularly attractive fragrance which made it quite popular among the guys ( girls may be attracted too, ahem! ).
Though I did use it infrequently as I found it more than a little too oily and shiny...I much preferred Vitalis which gave the hair a more natural sheen and look.

The photo on the left showed a very young-looking Tan Swee Leong as compere for the Opening night Quiz show sponsored by Sanyo. It took place in July 1965 in conjunction with the screening of that very popular Rodger & Hammerstein musical "The Sound Of Music" at the Orchard Theatre.
I wasn't there that day but did catch the movie later.

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