Sunday, September 13, 2009

Wanted terrorist...Mohd Nordin Top

Mohd Nordin Top
( Both photos )
has a bounty of 1 Billion rupiah
on his head.
He is one of the most wanted persons on the FBI and Interpol list for terrorism.

The reputed head of a new splinter group of the J I, he was responsible as the mastermind of the Bali Bombings and the recent Marriot Hotel suicide bombings in Jakarta. Initially thought to have been killed in last month's shoot-out in Central Java, he remains in hiding, rumored to be in Java.

The terrorist attack in September 2001 New York city has been an eye-opener for everyone...especially for the Intelligence Services of America.
There was an abysmal failure of the CIA, FBI, NSA and other agencies for being unable to prevent 9/11.
They have some of the best officers and state of the art equipment and the means to have prevented this.
Yet, it happened.
The Congressional hearings and findings pointed out one of the main problems... a lack of trust and co-operation among the federal agencies.
There was no genuine desire to share information gathered.
Tips that were surfaced and passed on were never acted upon properly ot even at all.
Reminds me of the 7 Dec 1941 tragedy of Pearl Harbour all over again.
They have since rectified this somewhat with a co-ordinated Homeland Security agency.
Singapore too came up with our own version. It is not only necessary but critical to have a National co-ordinating body for the fight against global terrorism.
The Mumbai attack last year could perhaps have been thwarted if only the various government
intelligence services and military agencies had an enforced system of co-operation.
They didn't...with different agencies distrusting each other, keeping information only for themselves.
Sounds similar to the USA syndrome prior to 9/11.

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