Monday, October 19, 2009

Actress found for ROSE CHAN part!


Sun, Oct 18, 2009The Daily Chilli/Asia News Network
Busty Malaysian actress to play Queen of Striptease
[top photo: Christy Yow aims to go big with her role as Rose Chan (right, in picture)]
By Beh Yuen Hui

BUSTY Malaysian actress Christy Yow is set to earn her wings for her acting talent rather than her physical assets when she takes on the role of Rose Chan in her new movie.Yow is well known for her pair of 36C breasts and has even been nicknamed Malaysian Giant Breast.
That will soon change when she plays the role of "The Queen of Striptease" Rose Chan in her new movie.
The 22-year-old lass from Ipoh, Perak beat several hundred candidates for the role in the movie Mei Gui Xiang (The Charming Rose).
Yow is currently acting in Singapore Chinese drama.
Singapore's Lianhe Wanbao reported that Yow's manager had confirmed the news of her role in the movie by French producers.

He said Yow had been going to the nightclubs to learn from the mama san (a woman who leads the GROs) and to find out the real life of women in the night entertainment industry.
"The world of Rose Chan was very complicated.
Yow must work hard for the role," said the manager.

Yow was overwhelmed by the news on Thursday and told her parents about it.
She said her mother did not object, but was worried if she could do it carry the part. Her father did not say anything.
He asked if Yow had to strip in the movie and remained silent after she answered "Hmm...".
The director and producers of the movie searched for two years before they agreed on Yow.
Mei Xiang Xiang is expected to start filming in Shanghai, China next year.

The movie tells the story of the legendary striptease Rose Chan (1925-1987).
Rose Chan was a cabaret dancer turned striptease. She was known for her daring performances on stage such as her famous python-wrestling act and having motorcycles ride over her.
She also performed unusual stunts that required her to use her "lower body" strength and flexibility.
These popular performances have since been adopted by the "tiger show" performers in Thailand.
Rose Chan had performed in Germany, France, Britain, Australia, Indonesia and others.
She died of breast cancer at her home in Butterworth, Penang in 1987.

The Daily Chilli/Asia News Network

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unk Dicko said...

Hi Peter..your guess is no longer just a guess; it has come true!

peter said...

Your forgot something, Rose Chan got "tummy fat" besides big jugs. This actress (I never seen her before) is the lean type.

But what can you say? She's from Ipoh, Perak where most Cantonese girls have become famous one way or the other. Look at Michelle Yeoh; she's become a famous world actress.

unk Dicko said...

I have absolutely no idea what "fat" Rose Chan had or didn't I have never met or seen her in person. One who would late father-in-law, has passed on. He had seen her performing locally back then.

wani said...

I included this article in one of my recent posts and I have to say that the Singaporeans' fascination with Rose Chan and Christy Yow's boobs fascinate me. Been getting a lot of hits from Singapore lately and all of them are looking for either Rose Chan or that Malaysian Giant Breast.

I'm only 24 years old but one of my mother's friends likes to tell me about Rose Chan (actually that's because I'm the only one who find it interesting). So I guess I know more about Rose Chan than most of the people my age.

I have some misgivings about Christy Yow though. Yeah she's busty and all, but damn, 36C is not THAT big.

unk Dicko said...

Hi Wani,
Thanks for dropping by. Like your observations about their fascinations.
I think most have no clear clues who or what "Rose Chan" really was like. She was a phenomenon way before the time of today's generation.
Perhaps, many are also intrigued about the sustained interest in her to such an extent...that France is involved in this newly announced movie.

wani said...

France is involved in the making of the movie? I thought that the production team comes from China only. When I told my friends about Rose Chan, most were shocked to know that striptease existed in the good ol' days.

I found a rather poignantly sad article (well to me at least) about Rose Chan.

I'm sorry, you must be very annoyed with me by now with my streams of comments on your blog.

unk Dicko said...

Not annoyed at all. Your comments most welcome.
The last line of 1st para of the news report says.." French producers".
Yes, shooting to take place in Shanghai.
Btw, thanks for the links.

wani said...

Guilty of skimming the article. :D

unk Dicko said...

You're welcome.

peter said...

I think we miss out one "Ms Annie Cheah", the successor to Rose Chan. Rose was the queen of the 1950s and mid-60s but in the 1970s, it was this Malaysian lass.

I saw her once and I like the part when they have the drum roll and the compere makes this announcement.

"Ladies and Gentlemen (oh I see no ladies here tonight), presenting by popular demand again, the one and only fabulous, daring and explosive bomshell......all the way from Pulau Pinang.....Ms Annie Cheah....(now the trmpute sounds........)