Saturday, October 10, 2009

How have we changed from1965 -1990?

No need for Unk Dicko to describe.
Just click on image to enlarge and read.  
Be very thankful we have such a leader of men.

Here are some news clippings that tell a great deal especially about Singapore in 1965 and how far we have developed as a nation and as a people by the year 1990.
The very interesting story titled," Time we've changed" came with clear facts and data detailing the items existing in 1965 and again in 1990.
This story appeared in the LIFESTYLE magazine issue of August/September 1990.

Just look at the number of items listed with "zero" in 1965!
How much did a Mercedes S 200 cost in '65?
Only S$ 12,950 !
No COE and other taxes back then.
Per Capita GNP was S$ 1,687 and by 1990 this had risen to S$17,910 !
If we were to calculate the latest updates for 2009 our GNP per capita should be above S$30 k!
Number of fast food restaurants in 1965 = 0 ( NIL ).
No MacDonalds, KFC, Burger King etc.
By 1990 there were 115.
Today ???
Wearing spectacles in 1965... 8.5 %.
In 1990 it rose to a scary....41 % !!!
Today?... I dare not give a figure.

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