Friday, October 9, 2009

Mooncakes, Lanterns and my Ukulele ! Part 2.

This was a very enjoyable Singalong for all my lovely friends. It is not everyday that we can get together like this and sing the songs we used to sing in our youthful days.
So for practically all the senors and senores,such Singalongs as we had here, is always a musical trip of sorts down that nostalgic memory lane.

Unk Dicko getting the full attention of everyone...before the music began.

Looking closely at the songsheet. In the background, preparation for dinner to be ready.

When we ran out of songs from the songsheets, selections were made from my songbook as well as my Ukulele Music File...which has a goodly number of very good classic oldies.

When it comes to singing and camaradie, age is of no importance.
Some of my good friends here are in their seventies and eighties.
And they can still sing heartily!

They enjoyed some Calypso numbers that I played for them.
And also, as we had some Peranakans in our midst...the local songs were always popular.
What were the songs not in the songsheeet that were requested for ?
Isle of Capri,
Only You,
I don't care if tomorrow never comes,
Seven Lonely Days,
Songs by Russ Hamilton, Hank Williams, Jim Reeves, Nat King Cole, Everly Brothers, Pat Boone, the Platters, Doris Day....etc.

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