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Siang Lim Park today

Below is a blogpost by my daughter D3 in February 2007 in our Yippie Bogsite. I took the liberty to lift it from our private Yippie Blogsite as it has a map of Lorong 40. However, look closely and you cannot find "Siang Lim Park" anywhere on the map. Upto 1995 or thereabouts, it was still there as I had captured a couple of snapshots before my parents and other homes were demolished..for redevelopment.
Siang Lim Park were actually two portions, one on the left of Lor 40 ( now the Sunny Spring ) and the other on the right ( now the Waterina ). The pre-war terraced houses were built by wealthy Arab merchants who owned the land. The rent for our corner unit was $34.10 cents per month. You may think this is peanuts today. But it was still quite a sum of money in pre-war days! After the war, the Rent Control Act was in place and the rent was frozen at that sum if you were still the original tenant. My parents were original tenants until the very end. On several occasions, I personally went down to Arab Street to pay the rent on their behalf.
Don't miss my next post which comes with a hand-drawn map, accompanied by unk Dicko's vivid recollections of Siang Lim Park.

Friday, February 2, 2007
Siang Lim Park Today
I've been wanting to share this story for some time and this blog has given me the perfect place to do it.Last year, I was invited to a birthday party for a friend's kid. When I received the invitation, I was so surprised to see that the address was Siang Lim Park! The party was at a condo called The Waterina.Before the party, we looked it up in the map to make sure we could find our way. Here is what we found.Driving down Geylang Road to the party, I remember thinking how familiar everything looked, how as a child our family had driven down this road so many times to go to YeYe and Mama's house.And then we turned into Lorong 40, and the feelings of familiarity disappeared. There were no more old houses, zinc roofs, metal fencing. Just shiny tall buildings.The Waterina was a nice place, it was a nice party, but I couldn't help feeling something had been lost....
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peter said...

There was a cinema in that place - Lorong 44 Queens Cinema or Queens Theater. I saw saw Grandlink Condo retained the facade of the old cinema.

There was a big shooting incident involving one big gangster and the police. Can't recall the year but hand grenades were used bcos the gangsters fought te police till they died.

unk Dicko said...

Correct, Queen's Theatre.
For the "BIGGEST" gunfight in Siang Lim Park's history...wait for my next 2-3 posts!
Vivid eyewitness account from unk Dicko.

peter said...

Can u recall there was a similar incident like Siang Lim Park. Cant recall the year. It was at the Morningside Hotel down in River Valley Road. Police surrounded the hotel and shot dead one of the robbers.

Back in the 1960s there were lots of kidnappings. One time police also surrounded a bungalow house in Sommerville estate down at Braddell Road. Can you shed more light on these 2? Thanks.

unk Dicko said...

I knew something happened at R V hotel. But can't recall all details. Will check in my archives.

SwatiP said...

Hi ,

Was just reminiscing when came across yr site. Don't know if you still go online though... Our family of five moved to no 25 , Siang lim Park in the 70's and were there till the early 90's - right to the end - when the land was taken back for development. We lived right next to the keramat! Had some really fun times -, plenty of kids,good neighbours, plenty of room to roam about and explore - it was a child's dream.

Unk Dicko said...

Hi SwatiP,
So glad to read your comment here right now. How have you been ..fellow SLP kamponger? There were only 2 keramats in SLP, one by the river side..adjacent and opposite our home # 94. See the map I posted in another blogpost. Your # 25 is nearer to Guillemard Rd side. Am I correct ?
Btw, I'm on Facebook and pl do send me a private message for connecting. There are others from old days of SLP who are connected with me and each other ..through my blogposts ! Thanks again. Do get in touch !
Dick Yip