Sunday, October 4, 2009

View from the rooftop of 11 storey building...Quiz.

Yesterday, 3 October 2009..a Saturday, late evening, I was at the open roof top of an 11 storey building located somewhere in a bustling area of Singapore.

I was there with my wifey and others for a unique Mooncake and lantern festival dinner cum oldies' Singalong.

The roof top provided an unimpeded view of the entire surrounding area in the vicinity, 360 degrees of panoramic view. Beautiful!

We never imagined the land was so unique and beautiful until viewed from another angle and perspective.

Those with cameras whipped them out and were snapping away...just as I did too.

Top Pic: My camera was facing east.

Mid Pic: I am facing south-east.

My camera is facing south.


1) Where is this approximate location?

2) What is the name of this River?

3) On what possible building (commercial ) was I standing at the top of?
The roads nearby are a dead giveaway.


Victor said...

1. Moonstone Lane, off Serangoon Road, near St Michael's Estate.

2. Kallang River.

3. Poh Leng Building (宝龄大厦),the building in the background of the 2nd photo in this post.

PChew said...

1st photo -Moonstone Lane area with CTE on the background

2nd photo - Seronagoon Road/PIE flyover

3rd photo - Sungei Kallang

Your party was somewhere in Bendemeer Road area

unk Dicko said...

Thanks for both your great efforts.
Will release answers this weekend!

unk Dicko said...

The answers given by Victor and Philip are spot on.
The actual rooftop we were at was the POH LENG Building at Moonstone Lane.
Victor has a couple of photos of the building in his post which he highlighted. Do visit and see.