Saturday, October 3, 2009

When I Fall In Love....Nat King Cole

Of the many, many Nat King Cole
songs that I love, this song When I Fall In Love is the one that penetrates my innermost thoughts, feelings and emotions deeper than the rest.

No one else can sing this song in the way NKC did. I have a video clip here of the song where he plays the piano. The other I will include next is the rendition that has often been acknowledged by many as "the sweetest and purest"magic of an NKC song ever. I cannot agree more!

For those of you who are Ukulele players like Unk Dicko, I have the ukulele tabs for you.
Follow the advice I have given in my earlier post for learning and practising ukulele chords.
[ Want to be a Ukulele maestro? ]
The chords are not too difficult and with the use of bar you get some additional variation in your playing. Sit back, close your eyes and enjoy the magic of Nat King Cole.

Do remember to click pause button on my Jango jukebox before you play video.

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