Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Kg GLAM palace in early 1900's...history,photo, story.

( Newsclip from Unk Dicko's Archives - S.Times 13 Mar 1991 )

All I can say from reading story after story from my study of history is that...nothing ever
stands still. Everything changes over time, especially the question of "ownership" over
a piece of property or land or whatever thing.
Nothing is ever permanent.

Only the present exists until fate or nature intervenes and bring an abrupt end to the status quo...
and the next cycle begins...
It has been like this since the dawn of mankind.

( Newsclip: Unk Dicko's Archives - S Times 13 March 1991 )

The top photo shows Kampong Glam palace ( Istana Kg Glam ) in the early 1900's. It was built by members of the Johore Sultanate beginning in 1819.
This episode about the history of the palace and its grounds was discussed in Parliament in 1991
by then National Development Minister Mr S Dhanabalan...who gave a "history lesson" to the house.

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