Thursday, April 15, 2010 Dickey Lee

During the exciting era of the 60's leading to the 70's, tragic songs about about teenagers dying emerged as a popular genre in teenage sub-culture in the US and Britain. All were sad songs about tragic love gone wrong. Many became all-time radio and chart popping hits. In this category are songs like Tell Laura I Love Her, Teen Angel, Running Bear, Ebony Eyes and Leader of the Pack. However, the one song that I keep getting "request" for from old timers when I do Singalong sessions with them is this great song....PATCHES. It has long been a favourite of my dear wifey and others in our circle.

The first time I heard it was after its release in 1962 by original singer DICKEY LEE. The Youtube version below comes with lyrics and is the original version.
Then I remember I learnt the lyrics by heart and writing them down quickly into my original 60's Handwritten Songbook on page 19, as above scanned photo shows.
At one time in the 60's this song was banned by some radio stations in the USA for fear that the suicide theme of the song might unduly influence some teenagers into similar acts.
But by and large, the song grew in stature and became one of the all-time most popular songs of the last half century.
Was there really a girl called "Patches" who inspired this ballad?
Watch for my next few posts...which come with original newsclips 2 decades old.

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Otherwise you get a double sound!
Btw, what are your memories about this song?
Wish you pleasant listening and fond memories!


Lam Chun See said...

Yes this indeed is a beautiful song; one of the first Englih pop songs that I learnt to enjoy. It was my sister's favourite. I think the first English song that I know about was Little Dutch Girl or Fraulien.

unk Dicko said...

The 2 songs you mentioned are also very popular with old timers. I get people requesting for them at Singalongs too.
But the easy and slow rhythm of Patches is easier for the oldies to sing along with.