Monday, April 5, 2010

The Unholy about Adrian Lim Murders

( Newsclip from Unk Dicko's Archives )

Back in February 1989, Sumiko Tan ( who is still writing her fabulous column in the Sunday Times) wrote this Book Review about the very 1st local book that covered the Adrian Lim Murders in great detail. The book was written by well-known Straits Times political journalist Alan John in 229 pages and cost $9.50 then.
For those interested in the minute details of the case, including actual evidence and statements made by the unholy trio, this is a " must -read" book.
Here's what Sumiko said, " Unholy Trinity is a valuable documentation of one of the most mind-boggling crimes in Singapore's history. Reading it is definitely more interesting and sends more chills up the spine than watching horror movies."


Anonymous said...

hi,im so interested in wanting to read the book of adrian lim's murder.but i can't find the book elswhere.It will do me a big favour if you can tell me where can i buy that book or borrow..thk u so much..

unk Dicko said...

Actually I've seen the book in shops in the past. The best place to get a copy is from any of our public Library.
Just ask the staff to help you locate or reserve a copy.
Happy reading!