Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The 3rd Raffles Community Leaders Forum.

Last Wednesday June 9, I was invited together with 3 other speakers for a Dialogue session by the organisers of the 3rd Raffles Community Leaders Forum 2010. It was held at RJC.
The organisers were led by Raffles JC student Eden Li and his able team.
Our Dialogue session focussed on Promoting Active Ageing.
The 3 others present with me are Ms Judy Low and Ms Tan Chiew Kim from NTUC Eldercare and Ms Elizabeth Njo from Council of Third Age.
The session began on the dot at 9 am with all 4 of us introducing ourselves and giving our background briefly.
Once past that, the very 1st question was directed at me.
A participant asked, " Mr Yip can you tell us what sort of obstacles and difficulty you faced after your Achiles tendon injury?"
Me... laughing : " How did you know I was injured?
Participant: " We have been r_e_a_d_i_n_g your Wise Owl blog. "
So...I went on to answer his question as well as many others that were raised particularly on
how to engage the oldies, seniors and elderly effectively and wisely.Elizabeth provided a useful gist of what the C3A is doing and promoting. Judy and Chiew Kim touched on the the needs of the elderly.
All of us recounted personal incidents and shared some absorbing anecdotes of our experiences with our elderly parents and others within the family.
I must say the participants were most lively and positive and we found the interaction with all of them a meaningful and enjoyable one.
We were each presented with a Raffles token of appreciation before the session ended.
During the informal tea that followed more of the young and eager participants gathered around us to further "pick" our minds.
I believe some of the tips we gave them should serve them well in their follow up activities.

Below are some comments and messages that were in the common email loop ( post-dialogue ) which I think is
worthwhile putting here as they convey our thoughts on this project.

Hi Eden, Kailin and others,
Thank you for your wonderful feedback. I feel greatly honoured to be able to share and contribute to your inspiring project and especially interacting with such a bubbly and positve group of young participants. They make me feel young again in their presence!
The effort, the energy and the vibrancy of your project is clearly evident to me and the other speakers. I came away with another huge impression of the 'Raffles' brand updated.
Please convey my thanks to your team and Keep up the excellent work!
Thanks for the wonderful photo.
You can bet I will give you all coverage on my blog very soon. That's a promise!
Yes, do keep in touch too.

Warmest regards,
Dick Yip

Hello dear speakers,
Thank you once again for a brilliant, engaging and thoroughly meaningful session today! I had great feedback from the participants about the session; they really did enjoy it! It was extremely helpful in giving them ideas on how they could help advocate for active ageing. I'm sorry that we did not really give you all the time you wanted to speak - maybe next year? Haha! In any case, I hope we stay in touch :)
Attached is a photo from today! It's not the best photo (some people got cut out of the photo!) but it's the first one that appeared on Facebook... we are the computer generation after all!

Most sincerely,

Eden Li

P.S. Ms Tan, can you do me a favour & forward this to Ms Judy? I don't have her email address.
P.P.S. Mr Yip! Don't forget to blog about us okay!

Dear Eden,
It was my pleasure to have had the opportunity to share with you guys...Jun 10 (6 days ago)
Tan Chiew Kim - ElderCare

EldercareSubject: RE: THANK YOU!
Dear Eden,
It was my pleasure to have had the opportunity to share with you guys yesterday! It was such a positive experience for me personally, and I hope that your forum does successfully produce a whole new generation of youth advocates for all forms of social issues, including active ageing of course. Best wishes to all of you for the rest of the year ahead – studies, health and happiness!

In addition, we are currently organising the annual Active Agers Awards, which recognises seniors aged 60 and above who are role models of active ageing. The 2010 Awards are now open for nominations. Attractive prizes await both winners and their nominators. For more details of the awards, please do visit Please do help us publicise this within your school mates and get them to nominate the senior role models in their lives – grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. The nominations can be done online, via hard copy or via our hotline at 6796 9346, and the deadline for submissions is 6 July 2010.

Dear Mr Yip, Judy and Chiew Kim – pls do help us spread the word out on the awards, and help nominate the active agers that you know as a form of encouragement.
Thanks very much!
Elizabeth Njo

Hi everyone,
It's good to know that all of you found it a useful session as well & we gave you a good impression of the Raffles brand.
For your reference, this event was actually the 3rd Raffles Community Leaders Forum (3rd RCLF), organised by Raffles Community Advocates. The 3 day event was targetted at youth in Sec 3 and Sec 4 to teach them more about advocacy and community issues. The segment of the programme that you were invited for was called the 'Dialogue Session: Interaction with Stakeholders' and each Special Interest Group (SIG) invited different speakers, who could speak on their SIG's topic.
Thanks, and hope to work with all of you again!
Best regards,


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