Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Who Killed JFK?, A 3 Year old hero!, Rape! Fire!

Till today, despite many detailed and exhaustive studies and hearings into WHAT really happened on that fateful day President John F kennedy was shot and killed...many experts and criminal investigators remain unconvinced that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone gunman_ some saying that he may not even be the shooter at all. Some say he was made to be the "fall guy"by the engineers ( Mafia, CIA, FBI, etc. ) of the conspiracy to kill JFK.
Unk Dicko has followed this case and the subsequent investigations since 1963.
The above S Times story, dated 9 August 1990, added more fuel to the controversy of
"Who actually killed JFK ? "

This is a strange but true case of a 3 year old boy who was the unintentional ( or maybe he intended it? ) whistle blower responsible for his father being arrested for drug possession.
The tiny little boy had been honoured by the Oxnard California Police Dept.
The S Times front page report appeared on 19 Dec 1997.

This report above appeared in the S Times issue of 19 September 1986.
With a bit more insight and extrapolation, one can use this valuable survival TIP for other crimes as well...not just rape.
But I can see a potential drawback in this tip.
If someone shouts " FIRE! FIRE! " but in a language or dialect I cannot understand...then how?
Imagine an Indian woman shouting in Hindi or Punjabi or Hainanese would all sound like people are having some great party or fun!
So, what's my advice?
Definitely if you are a Malay...don't try shouting " Api! Api!". Good only if all around you are Malay people too.
The BEST THING ANYONE can do when you are in a life-threatening situation is as follows:-
1. Be alert before the potential criminal sets you up.
2. Move or run away to a safer place as fast as you can.
3. SCREAM and SCREAM and SCREAM at your loudest so that 10,000 people can hear you!
As soon as you think you are about to be a victim...simply SCREAM continuously. Many rapists, murderers and serial killers facing death penalty and life imprisonment have revealed and confirmed that, had their victims SCREAMED BEFORE or WHILE they were being set upon then,...they ( the criminals ) would have run away...and the victims would still have been alive.
Of course, if you are accosted in a desolate place no one may hear your screams.
Which begs the question...why are you in alone in a secluded or desolate spot, in the first place?
Seriously, there are some things you must NEVER allow to happen by ACTING FIRST before the criminal immobilise you ( not tie you up ) with FEAR TACTICS.
If life is in imminent danger...whether it is yours or someone else like a partner, family member MUST ACT FIRST, ACT FAST, ACT IMMEDIATELY. Delay is usually Fatal.
Perhaps, I might share some of these lightning counter-strike strategies in my future posts.
It may yet save your life or keep you from harm one day.

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