Friday, January 21, 2011

Auld Lang Syne 2010...Welcome 2011 !

As the night and the big Swing party wore on and with a sweltering crowd of more than 20,000 residents and friends of Kampong Serangoon eagerly awaiting the Countdown, the emcees invited the VIPs up to the main stage. It was probably about 11.50 pm when they were all gathered there.
In the background were the performers and entertainers and the dancers.
The Mic was handed to PM Lee who was in a joyous and infectious mood. He pronounced his Best Wishes for the people and for Singapore. Likewise the other 5 MPs bestowed their Good Wishes for the Best that 2011 will bring to one and all in Singapore and the world.
It was indeed heartwarming to hear each of them in such a short and sweet fashion rather than long parliamentary speeches.

[ Courtesy : Passion Photographers ]

[ Courtesy: Passion Photographers ]
The crowd just moments before the final countdown....

[ Courtesy: Passion Photographers ]
All eyes looking up at the night sky anticipating the fireworks...about to come.
[ Courtesy: Passion Photographers ]
The actual, precise moment when the New Year began just past midnight 1st January 2011.
With fireworks shooting up all around, PM Lee Hsien Loong turned to his right to warmly
congratulate Minister of Finance and MP Mrs Lim Hwee Hua. There were handshakes and hugs everywhere. Some loving couples kissed. Unk Dicko...? I was at the Command Center with uniformed police personnel and they warmly ...( no lah did not kiss me ! Luckily. Otherwise I would have fainted! ) shook my hands and we wished one another the very Best for the New Year.

There were several minutes of fireworks that lit up the dark sky overhead.

You could hear the oohs and the aarghs among the appreciative crowd of people.

These snapshots from my simple digital camera did not do justice to the actual scene
of exuberance, noise , glow and smoke resulting from all the explosions.
The crowd loved every bit of it.

Suddenly there was an extremely bright and sustained burst of exploding lights and sparks
and we knew from experience that was the final scene.
31 December 2010 will be a day and night all of us involved in the Serangoon SWING will long remember.
Will my Minstrels and myself be on the main stage again for the next Countdown in 10 years' time ( Year 2020 ) ?
By then some of us will be in our mid 70's and 80's !!!
No one can really say. I cannot predict the future so far ahead.
But ever the optimist that I am.... Unk Dicko says don't bet against it happening either !
Wishing everyone the Best for 2011 .

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