Sunday, January 23, 2011

Great World.... tikam and games skill stalls

In the actual Great World of the past one of the things that we remember most were the "tikam" stalls. No, they are not gambling stalls but more games of chance usually found in carnivals and fairs. Below are some of these kind of stalls available to visitors.
Some of the stalls offer games of skills like throwing a porcelain hoop/band onto bottle necks.
Others use darts to burst balloons attached to a board.
Or shooting a pop-gun at a ping pong ball balanced on a tiny bottle...etc.

This is an example of a "tikam" game of chance which uses 9
crafted horses controlled electronically. You roll the ball into the
slots which is numbered 1 to 9. And if " your" horse wins, no you
won't collect thousands of $ but will come away with a prize.

Games of chance and tikam plus the other games of 'skills' add to the flavour
of the recreated Park.


peter said...

I tried n enjoy the horse-racing. In the old days we called it Horse Derby. In our rural church of the ealry 60s, the churched I attended used this to entice folks to support a worthy fund-raising cause.

There is a "control" at the end of the lanes, controlled by a guy. He would turn a handle and this creates some kind of vibration. Because of the vibraiton, the horses move forwards. Sometimes the horses might hit an obstcale like the sides of the lane and this pushed the horse further back from the pack. The horse that reached the finishing win. The winner gets canned food.

unk Dicko said...

Interesting recollection!
Did not know the church is so clever! Haha.

Skill games said...

Thanks for sharing ur personal experience.