Sunday, January 23, 2011

Great World...thrills and rides like old times!

These are some of the kind of rides and thrills available to visitors at the Amusement Park.
I went there to see for myself what the "recreated" Great World offered before the Opening.
Workers were still testing out the facilities and putting in the finishing touches.
These were the same kind of rides that captivated many of us when we were kids over 50 years ago. They should prove to be the same to our modern kids today.

Most of the rides will cost a token ( $ 3 ) per kid or adult.

Some will require 2 tokens ( $6 ) per person.

This Carrousel should be very popular with the younger children.

Similarly this boat ride would attract many kids as they can't resist water.

Those who have had a full dinner better not try this rocking Viking ship!

Your stomach goes upwards and then downwards...imagine the effect.

All little kids love trains !
So this should prove an attraction too.

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