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Serangoon SWING Countdown Party 2011

Serangoon Swing Countdown Party
29 December 2010
Join 15,000 Serangoon residents in ushering in 2011 at Serangoon Swing 2011.

The Countdown Party, "One Serangoon, One Family", is guaranteed to be an evening of family-oriented fun, games and musical entertainment featuring fellow residents, local celebrities and artistes. Best of all, residents can celebrate the New Year and bond with each other right at their doorstep.

Residents can rub shoulders with celebrity hosts for the night, Michelle Chong, Moses Lim and Justin Mission, and sway to the beat of live bands – Juz B and Man Tou from Channel U’s Project Superband. The night will sizzle with performances ranging from hip-hop to samba percussion and a live performance by “The Shaggies.” Residents can also set a Singapore record by joining in the “Papaya Dance”.

What’s more, residents will get a chance to party away with Mediacorp artistes - Rui En, Jeanette Aw, Elvin Ng, Hady Mirza, Sylvia Ratonel, Ebi Shankara, Mark Lee and Henry Thia! There will also be performances by Serangoon’s very own talent - Dick Yip & the Garden Ministrels, who will kick off the night of entertainment.

Guest-of-Honour, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, will grace the event along with Advisers from the Aljunied GRC, Mrs Lim Hwee Hua, Mr George Yeo, Mr Zainul Abidin Rasheed, Mr Yeo Guat Kwang and Madam Cynthia Phua.

Come on down to Serangoon Garden Circus on 31 December 2010 from 6pm to 1am for a night of fun-filled entertainment.
Admission is free.
Early birds will be served with exciting fringe activities such as the inflatable castle, foam party for children, challenging rides for youths, and line-dancing for seniors.
[ The report above is from PA Gov online website dated 29 Dec 2010 ]

[ Dick Yip and the Garden Minstrels on 31 Dec 2010 ]
The biggest party of the decade in Serangoon Gardens took a year to plan and organise. It came under the ambit of the CCC of the constituency with Tay Swee Yee as Chairman of the main Org Committee. It cost half a million dollars. The funds came from generous patrons and sponsors associated with Sg Gardens.
For such a huge event to be successful it needed to have a varied and diverse range of fringe activities, top celebrities and emcees, popular singers and bands and hopefully involvement by Sg Gardens own residents.
That was where I came in.
In the earlier part of last year ( 2010 ), the Org Committee approached me to sound out the idea of replicating in part that iconic and historic ""Sing Singapore segment which led to Sg Gardens Sing Singapore Group winning the inaugural Inter-Con Singing Title in 1988.
I had the great honour and privilege as Leader, of organising, attracting, training and preparing that 35 member mixed group for months of gruelling practices and competitions before we beat all to be crowned National Champions.
It was to be one of the greatest achievements in the local history of our kampong!
It made front page news in the press.
Fast forward 22 years on. The year 2010. What has happened to those 35 members? Where are they today? How many are still living in Sg Gardens area? How active are they? Many questions occupied my mind.
Sad to say, except for a few, most of the others have moved elsewhere. Some have passed on. Quite a few are in their advanced years and not quite mobile and in weak condition.
Only a handful of us still remain after all the years.
Nevertheless, I gave the solid assurance to the Org Com that I will form a completely new group
comprising our residents who will be even more versatile as time passes.
That group has now been in existence for over 4 months and has been featured on Prime Time news a few times!
They have given off their time, effort and money to come together purely because of their love
for music, songs and singing.
Unk Dicko is mighty proud of them!

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