Saturday, January 8, 2011

Serangoon Swing... Part 3 - Fringe Activities

The roads leading to Serangoon Garden Circus were promptly closed off by 4.30 pm on Friday 31 December...the last day of that eventful 2010 year. By 3 pm I was still at the CC making some last-minute update of my 4 song files. My minstrels and I had worked on doing 8 songs I had specially selected to entertain the crowd. But at the Final Rehearsal on Thursday 30 Dec, we felt that the last song 'When You're Smiling' ..although a most lovely song with beautiful lyrics, just wasn't "kicking" enough. I replaced it with that lively old English sea shanty " Drunken Sailor".

D2 and I made our way to the Command post by 4 pm.
Soon after that the roads were closed off. Only vehicles with approved SWING labels were allowed entry. The rest had to park at specially arranged designated carparks within schools nearby or along fringe roads that were open.

By 6.30 pm the crowd began to slowly filter in. Parents and grandparents with little kids in tow, older folks..some on wheelchairs gently handled by caregivers. The young and restless also came early to sample and try out the many free fringe activities. There were giant slides for kids, bungee/trampoline for the older ones, games like bowling for anyone, bubble-blowing and painting for the youngsters, rides and more fun activities all around.
Goodie bags were given to one and all from the collection centre.

A large group of line dancers enjoyed the music and gyrating in front of thousands just in front of the McDonald eatery. Anyone could join in if they were in the mood. I saw some little kids imitating the adults' every move! Perhaps the only thing missing were their cowboy and cowgirl hats, boots and outfit.
That would have added more spice to their excellent dancing.

The mother of this lady line dancer happens to be a close friend of mine from our Sing Singapore days. Judy the mother, was also a member of our Sing S'pore group back in 1988.

No fees, no charges. Just queue up, follow the verbal instructions and enjoy the fun.
So that was exactly what many of the kids did.

The giant slide was very popular attracting a lot of participants again and again.

Many of those who partied through the night were our European residents within the estate.
There were many of them at the event.

In the background a large screen to project what was happening on stage.

[ Photo from Passion Photographers of SG ]
A must-have item nowadays...stilt walkers dressed to the nines!

[ Photo from Passion Photographers of SG ]

[ Photo from Passion Photographers of SG ]
As soon as dusk fell..the lights went up and the entire area around the circus took on a far different ambience. The magic of the night, the lights and the sounds that reverberated from the speakers heightened the atmosphere. More and more people came streaming in from different directions, jostling for places or space for themselves.
It must have been a most welcome and pleasant sight for the party organisers.

[ Photo from Passion Photographers of SG ]


Thimbuktu said...

Well done, Unk Dicko and the Minstrel for leading the New Year Eve to celebrate with spontaneous impromptu songs and dances. The wonderful mood of happiness and joy was contagious. Cheers!

unk Dicko said...

Thanks James.It was a very successful party that could only be carried out with the help of more than 600 volunteers of all ages and baxkground.
It was a huge teamwork exercise all the way...!
Hope you had a good time too.