Thursday, January 13, 2011

Serangoon Swing ...Part 6, More memories !

We had opened up with our first 2 English songs which settled in nicely. For our 3rd song, I had chosen that rousing and thumping old English sea shanty ' Drunken Sailor' played and sung in Dm intro key. It was a very good choice!
For as soon as we started out there was much clapping and thumping out there.

This particular song allows for different variation in harmony and if done well can achieve a spectacular effect. I tried some of that during the chorus part...I always do so for this song, including stamping the floorboard.

The crowd response was getting better by the minute.
Soon after all that stomping we changed tack to entertain with local favourites.
We did Gelang Si Paku Gelang and Di Tanjong Katong as a medley. This was where our percussion members really got into the act full blast with their maraccas and tambourines.
Many of our senior babas and bibiks out there would have loved these kind of songs.
Younger people know these songs by now.
Since 1988 schools have been further involved in the 'Sing Singapore' element where local songs were popularised.
So many were singing happily along with us !

Our next song was the ever popular "Rasa Sayang Eh " which is always a crowd favourite.
Then we followed that up with " Burong Kaka Tua " , another well-loved song that requires no introduction.
Everyone was enjoying themselves...the Minstrels as well as the large crowd.
Finally, I went to the Mic and told them, "we'll be doing our last number and for this, let's sing out even louder than before! "
The crowd got ready and once we started they went, " Chan Mali Chan ...hoi, hoi!, Chan Mali Chan...hoi, hoi !" pumping their fists into the air.
At the end of our gig I thanked the crowd on behalf of my Minstrels for having the honour and privilege of entertaining them in this unforgettable Countdown SWING party...which happens only once in a decade.

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