Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Serangoon SWING...part 5, The Minstrels wow the crowd!

The 7 photos for this particular blogpost are from Passion Photographers @ Serangoon.
My thanks to them!
My group - The Garden Minstrels was slated to begin our gig after Matthew and his Mandarins. We had prepared for an approximate 20 minute entertaining slot with 8 songs. During our private rehearsals we had timed ourselves carefully and found that our song selection was most suitable in terms of content, liveliness and duration.
I had two main objectives in my selection:- to recapture some of the nostalgic mood of the past "Sing S'pore 1988 success " and to entertain with some favourite oldies of the 60's. Quite a large number of Serangoon Garden residents are older, senior folks. They belong to the generation that we knew would appreciate most the kind of songs and music we were doing. This is not to say the younger people did not enjoy the music we did... ( Many were clapping and singing along with us ! ). It is just that the older folks can identify better with it.

The 2 emcees were Justin Mission and Moses Lim. They introduced our group to the crowd.
Here they were simply having an improptu chat with our newest member Mona who caught their eyes!
This light-hearted banter easily got the crowd eager and dying to listen to us.
When all was ready...I made the proper introduction of our Group and encouraged the crowd to join in by singing, jumping or clapping or whatever as we entertained them.

Our 1st song was that lively number... Corrina, Corrina.
I would lead the intro to the song and the rest would blend in smoothly. All was well or so it seemed. I was acutely aware midway through this first song that not much volume output came from the sound sysytem for my lead Ukulele.
As soon as the song ended, I signalled for the technical soundman who appeared...telling him the problem.
It appeared that he had forgotten to switch on the control converter box!
See my previous post about his promise, " I'll take care of it later".
So much for pre-checking and pre-testing of the music set-up.
I hope the Event Manager Steven, if he reads this, will see to it that such a thing should never happen again in a "Live" event.
It does not speak well for the reliability and dependability of these people who are paid to do a good job. It does not speak too well of the company involved.
If I had not been sharply alert no one would have been any wiser. But the performance quality would have been adversely and seriously affected.
Nevertheless, even during the 1st song, realising this shortcoming, I repositioned myself closer to the standing mic for better sound pick-up.... thus preventing a mini disaster.

I looked at the crowd and assessed that we were with them and they were just warming up to us after our first song.
It is not difficult to engage or stimulate a crowd who is there to enjoy music and being entertained.

Our second song was that popular calypso number " Marriane".
The response of the crowd was now clearly visible and audible.
Our members were very confident in their percussion and singing!

This big screen was situated at the rear of the stage where earlier on many fringe activities took place.
Captured on the screen were Edmond Tan on guitar and myself on ukulele.


Andy Young* said...

The group must have attracted everyone to the stage. Congratulations unk Dicko; you did it again.

unk Dicko said...

I think the large crowd was also curious about just who these silver-haired seniors were..who seemed to show no fear as they took to the stage big time. I told my chaps "just go out there and enjoy yourself and if there should be any mistake or disaster while performing..none of you need worry, I take full responsibility."
That helped them a lot!