Friday, July 17, 2009

AYG - The Athletes' Lounge

The AYG kicked off with the arrival of teams for the Preliminary Soccer Competition starting from June 18. That was also the same day I awoke at 5 am to catch the early MRT train to Dhoby Ghaut, then changed to the N-S line to City Hall station. I met my Village volunteers at the Foyer outside the Operations Room at 6.30 am. After my briefing and attendance taking, I led them to the Intro Bar where meals were served for the workforce and volunteers.
Some days later, the Intro Bar was converted to an Internet Games Room for the athletes and was renamed "the Athletes' Lounge". It was opened from 8am to 10 pm daily and I assigned some of my Special Squad members to man it throughout.
There were 7 notebooks with free internet access, 2 TV sets showing all the "Live AYG" action, 2 X-box sets, 2 Wii sets and 2 table soccer sets.

At all hours of the day, the athletes and officials would stream in to have some fun and just simply unwind.

Most of my volunteers had no experience with Wii games and I conducted a brief hands -on session for them. Those who were fortunate to have seen me in action were mighty impressed.
I can still remember one FA chief who was present with her set of helpers and was watching my demo saying......." My Goodness! Look, he has not missed a single shot !"
I told them I have a Wii set at home.

On the very last day of the Games Room operation, these 2 Uzbeskistan athletes wanted to have a game of table soccer with a parting gesture. I obliged them with my key right hand man Ho CH joining in too.

The Games Room was a very popular place for the athletes to hang out, have fun and make friends with other fellow athletes as well as student volunteers.

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