Monday, July 13, 2009

AYG - Behind the Scene at TWC.

As the flag of each country was slowly raised in a much rehearsed ritual of protocol, the National anthem of the country was played over the PA sound system.
To ensure that the correct anthem was played for each country, a proper and official digital copy of the approved anthem for each country was ready.
Here is the DHS student volunteer i/c of it behind the scene.
The 30 students from DHS are all selected from the Uniformed groups in their school. They were highly disiplined and responsible.

The CDM from Nepal during the Exchange of souvenirs.

After the flags were hoisted...a flurry of camera activities followed. Most teams wanted to capture pictures of themselves with the beautiful backdrop of the AYG banners and posters.

The CDM of Yemen was very impressed with the gift from this school....represented by the student.
He was genuinely interested in the artwork and asked the gift bearer to explain some of the culture behind it.
He sure made the boy and his school very proud by his animated enthusiasm.

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