Monday, July 20, 2009

AYG - A Big Thank You to all Volunteers!

On the very last day that these Special Squad members performed their Village duties, I thanked each one of them personally and presented them with AYG souvenirs. This group of student volunteers and the teachers who served till the final day July 8 were the only ones I managed to give the souvenirs to.
Many of the other students and teachers from various schools had served in the earlier period starting from June 18.
I did not forget them. No matter how long it took, I spent the whole of last week visiting those who had served and presenting them with the souvenirs. Many of my volunteers were truly surprised and touched that I bothered to drive all the way to their school to deliver them.
And some have suggested that we should have a get-together day.

See what I meant?
At the Training session for all Village Volunteers on June 8 at Swissotel, I ended my training presentation with a particularly interesting and poignant slide.
I mentioned that "once the AYG is over we will not remember it for the hardwork we all put in but for the friendships made among fellow volunteers and wishing that somehow this nice feeling can continue and not go away."
How true!

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