Saturday, July 4, 2009

AYG ...Mascot, H1N1, Temp Taking.

This is Frasia, the official Mascot of the AYG. I was at the Media Centre when I bumped into this cute character. Viknesh, a Teacher volunteer was on Scanner duty.

The scanner is a pretty sophisticated system that can capture images of approaching visitors.

Any temperature above 38.1 Celsius
will confirm that the person has a fever and should stay on self - imposed home quarantine. The Philippines Soccer player was captured by such a scanner image at one of our Dining point. He and the rest of the team were quarantined. Similarly the same for the Hong Kong Football team and officials when 4 of their players came down with H1N1. All these were imported cases. All have since recovered and are well.

Viknesh, me and the Main media centre.
The Media Centre houses all the necessary IT connections with laptops etc for the work and reports by about 300 journalists and reporters from all over.

Some of the key chiefs were staring at me and my camera.
In the background the press and media swarmed round the just released Philippine soccer team member who were quarantined at our H1N1 holding area at Aloha Resort in Loyang.

Our village volunteer in action at the entrance to the Media Centre.
On duty here is Teacher Volunteer Dawn Lee and a student volunteer.
Everyone had his temperature taken with the "laser" temp gun and issued with a sticker if cleared.
Yellow stickers for morning till 5 pm.
Green stickers for after 5 pm.

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