Tuesday, July 14, 2009

AYG - Meals for Volunteers and Workforce

There were 3 main meals provided for all our volunteers and workforce at Swissotel...Breakfast ( 5.30 -9.00am ), Lunch ( 11.30 - 3.00pm ) and Dinner ( 5.30 - 9.00 pm ). The food spread was sufficiently good, with plenty of desserts thrown in too. Coffee and tea and a variety of fruits.
Around day 3 into our work, we started on June 18, Nicholas from YOG roped me in to give instant feedback to Executive Chef Allan Koh on the F and B thus far. I opted for frank but positive feedback method and made some requests.
I am most happy to say Chef Allan Koh was a very accomodating person and almost daily we had some of the very BEST chocolate cakes added as a bonus. These were not on the menu but I asked him to try" kidnap"any of these leftovers from the many conferences and meetings held there.
All you people who enjoyed these tasty cakes, please say 'thanks' to Chef Allan !

The dining places were not at one same place. We had them at the Intro Bar, Padang Room, Canning Room, Olivia Room, VIP Room...as shown in this photo.
It was dinner time. I walked in and saw that almost all the curtains were drawn, making the place very dark.
No one thought of pulling away the curtains! When I did so, this was what greeted my eyes...a beautiful, setting sun hovering just above the roofline of the buildings in the distance.
This was the 1st sunset dinner we had! And what a splendid reddish sunset we witnessed.

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