Monday, July 6, 2009

AYG - a Meeting of many former students !

Our student volunteers worked exceptionally hard at the Games Village. They were deployed to various tasks and duties. As Manager of the Volunteers taskforce numbering in the hundreds, it was my job to organise and assign them to the various roles under the charge of Funtional Areas heads. They came from schools, JCs and some Polys. The adult staff came from schools, MOE Hq, Schools Division etc.
This student took his duty seriously, observing closely the thermal scanner as media people stream in and out of the Media centre.

Jaswinder, the policewoman on duty was my former student.
I did not realise where all the thousands of students whom I have the privilege of teaching in my 4 decade career have gone to or what they were now doing.
This AYG was an eye-opener for me.
I have never had so many former students of mine coming forward to me and saying," Mr Yip, do you remember me...I was your former student ? I was your student in the year.. . Many are in the AYG workforce, many are also volunteers. Many are now in the education service from teachers, VPs, Principals to Directors. They are in all kinds of professions or business or politics...judges, DPPs, Senior Police and Military Command, lawyers and doctors, business leaders.

Team Welcome ceremony for China and other nations.

Village Mayor welcoming all at the ceremony.

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