Sunday, July 12, 2009

AYG- More scenes of TWC at Swissotel.

These are the specially trained students from Dunman High School preparing to raise the flags at the Team Welcome Ceremony. The Flagpoles were specially rented. They came with special air vents
in the hollow pipes which released powerful jets of air.
And it was this induced air flow that kept the flag flying " in the wind".
All teams were given this ceremonial welcome which was held at the Atrium on the 3rd level.
Their National anthem would be played while the flag is raised.

That would soon be followed by the official exchange of souvenirs. Representing our country would be many of the schools that were involved in the "twinning programme". This was an MOE initiative that paired one or two schools with an AYG participating country...thus allowing the students of the school to prepare suitable souvenirs for presentation to the various CDMs.
Here a student has just presented his gift to the CDM of China.

In return, he presented a blue vase to Singapore.

The North Korean flag being raised.

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