Monday, July 13, 2009

AYG - The Special Squad

Before the AYG started, all the Functional Areas ( FAs ) had been identified and structured into the overall Organisational Plan of the Games Village...all that is except for this Special Squad that I created under my own initiative.
There were doubts that I could even get more than 10 persons into such a squad and operating daily from the word "Go".
The early reasoning was that we will be probably be short of volunteer manpower from the schools both teachers and students to manage the various FAs in the Village. The Secretariat sent emails to schools requesting for volunteers...but the response was slow and inadequate...and the days were fast approaching towards the AYG. That is where networking and very good H R comes in handy. I made a personal and direct approach to just a few schools namely DHS, Zhenghua Sec, Naval Base Sec, Serangoon Sec, Commonwealth Sec, PLMGS ( Primary )..and just from these, secured most of my manpower needs, in addition to the teachers and students from some schools and later some Hq staff.


These are the students from Serangoon Secondary with one of their teachers Ms Peh SF. They were valuable members of my Special Squad.
In all, I had nearly 30 teachers and more than 25 students in the squad assigned to various tasks under my command.
The number of teacher and student volunteers under my charge was nearly 500.

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