Monday, July 27, 2009

A BIG problem with posting " create a post" for over a week!

Hi all readers and visitors,

Since last week, a Sunday my Blogger "create a post" interface page had gone bonkers!
There was nothing of the usual page all of us bloggers are so familiar with.
Instead, it was a non-sensical half page with all the command buttons and icons missing. Gone was the posting box too.
It did not dawn upon me to check up the BLOGGER FORUMS and GROUP ISSUES site.
Instead, I called upon a computer shop contact who advised me to bring my CPU to his shop.
After a few days and a installing a new router "EDIMAX" the problem still persisted.
Everything else worked fine on my computer except opening to " Create a Blog Post" page ...
which again was defiled.
Only moments ago, I asked my same computer engineer friend/shop owner for advice.
His advice: " Bring your CPU again to my shop. I think your hard disk is affected/infected. We will scan it together and I will reformat everything from scratch. You'll need to save all your files
on backups first. And it will take about 3 hours and it will involve labour charge ( I know what
this warning means! It has already burned many holes in my pocket in previous trips !).
My response to him was this: " Everything ELSE is working FINE except this defiled blogging
create a post page. My instinct is telling me differently this time round. It may have to do with some SETTINGS connected with BLOGGER or with our ISP...that is not congruent, that has somehow cropped up about a week ago."
His response: " Maybe you are right after all. But you still need to bring down your CPU ( server) to my shop and together we will try out various options. But I have to remind you I have to charge. "
Unk Dicko: " Ok, see you tomorrow ".
In the meantime, I immediately went into BLOGGER GROUP FORUM and hey Presto!
Jackpot! Adacadabra !
What did I find?
There are so many countless queries and postings by Singapore bloggers about this same problem I was encountering. They all faced the same thing this week. One smart user asked the question " are u all Singnet users". Invariably, almost all are!
Then it is an ISP protocol problem...not so much BLOGGER's problem.
One cool user posted what seemed to be a solution. I must really thank him/her.
Following the instructions to reset the " Connections" and "LAN" settings to a given code
which I tried immediately, I was keeping my fingers crossed as I clicked on my Blogger Dashboard and posting page.
Domo Arigato!
The page has opened up properly again.
And I responded by doing this post to signal to one and all how to overcome this problem.
I hope Singtel or Singnet wakes up. There is something very seriously wrong about this problem.
Did any of you had similar problems recently?


Lam Chun See said...

I use Starhub and did not face any problem. But after 'upgrading' to IE8, it seems to be more problematic than before. I find it very difficult to move the pictures around.

Lam Chun See said...

Once I had a problem with the recent comments widget and also found out that it was a Blogger problem at this forum. But I have since lost the address of this forum. Since you are telling your readers about it, you should let us have the link to it.

Ferunk said...

Dad, once again you amaze me with your tenacity. Good on you for troubleshooting the problem on your own and finding the solution! As the user of a new interface MIcrosoft Vista, I also have my fair share of problems that have tried my patience. So good on you for persevering!

unk Dicko said...

Thanks for the feedback. The details to this problem can be found at BLOGGER HELP FORUM page. There are many listings within.
I have highlighted one in my latest post which proved most helpful.
Watch out for my next post about the computer being a " blessing and a curse" at different points in time.