Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Computers...can be Heaven and Hell !

My friend from Hong Kong sent me this very apt poem about his experiences dealing with the ups and downs of the computer. In his latest email to me, he told me of his 4 days of "hell" when his modem malfunctioned. And just last week until yesterday, I endured a week of "hell" too when I could not log on to the internet on account of some widespread phenomenon peculiar to Bloggers usuing Singnet service.
unk Dicko Blogging at home.
However, my longest frustration with the computer problems was 3 weeks!
So, those of you who must have had your fair share of woes to about sharing some of your problems, how bad it was, and how was it solved. And if you had gone to get some pro IT help and had to pay..did you get the feeling that somehow you were overcharged for whatever ?

Eddie's Poem ( HK )

Hong Kong is a dichotomous place
It is both Heaven and Hell;
It’s Heaven for technology
And things to buy and sell.
It’s Heaven for computer-ware
To assuage my thirst,
But to get any service here -
You must to Hell go first!

A saleswoman, rudeness had
To a fine art honed,
She had the face of a Gorgon
Seem’d she was always stoned.
When she replied,
it was in grunts
Knew not, ‘Thank you’ nor ‘Please’,
Her face would quickly curdle
milk To Gorgonzola cheese.

( I think salespeople are much more polite in Singapore than in HK)

An orphan’s curse would drag to Hell
An angel from on high
But just as horrible as that
Is the malice in a Triad’s eye;
Daggers and curses I get
- when Dud goods to swap,
I try But despite all my misgivings
At going to G-C-C,
I still find it fascinating
New technology to see.

To see the new computers
With all the bells and whistles,
But not for long,
do they stay strong
That’s the rub and thistle.
Computers are both boon and curse
Data’s moved round like lightning,
But when they crash, there’s little worse
That’s absolutely frightening

GCC = Golden Computer Centre


Luke said...

Hi unk Dicko,

I have been following your post for a while and really interested in your use of computing devices and the Internet.

I am currently conducting user research on baby boomers use of computing devices in Singapore, and I hope you would be able to help.

If you don't mind I hope you can email me at

Have a good day!

unk Dicko said...

Hi Luke,
Thanks for the comment and for following the blog.
I have tried to send you an email via your email address but a message popped up to say there is something "wrong" with the address.
Can you recheck or do you have an alternative email address?
unk Dicko

Luke said...

Hi unk Dicko,

Thanks for your reply. I 've chekced my email but I didn't receive your email. But I did receive your comment from your blogger to my email.

Nevertheless, could you try,

I would truely appreciate your help.

Best regards,

unk Dicko said...

Hi Luke,
Managed to send you a reply.
Pl check your email.
unk Dicko

unk Dicko said...

Hi Luke,
Glad that you have enlightened me about your research intentions. Will be able to assist you as long as I am not endorsing a product or service in any form or in any way.
Hope you understand.
Presently, I am the ACTIVE AGEING AMBASSADOR for the Council of Third Age. I am also the SILVER AMBASSADOR for INFOCOMM 123..the I T portal under the auspices of IDA.