Saturday, July 18, 2009

Unk Dicko entertains at Athletes' Lounge , Swissotel..AYG.

The volunteers on duty at the IntroBar venue of the Athletes' Lounge were treated to a special Ukulele Performance on 2 days of the last week of the AYG. Being so busy with AYG Village work, I simply had no time to devote to my Ukulele practice and working out the music and song arrangements for my next public performance.
That afternoon, when the changeover shift had been completed, those on the earlier shift were able to relax and unwind from their duties. I treated all of them to their 1st Ukulele session seen close up.
This group of students from Serangoon Sec were really able to not only enjoy the music I provided but joined in the with clapping and singing as well.
After a while, I paused and asked some of them to give the ukulele a try.
Teaching them a few of the basic chords...they began to strum. Not bad at all..I would add.

As soon as I played some keroncong style music, I could see even the athletes attention were attracted.
One particular song was requested again and again.
They told me they love its catchy beat. What was that song?
Leron Leron Sinta [ Philippines ].

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unk Dicko said...

I have been having a spate of unsolicited sexy and girlie ads on this comment box almost daily, mainly from Japanese websites.
A friend I consulted told me that it the word " bar" in my post heading when translated to Japanese, could be the trigger for all this.
I am not amused as i have to manually delete each ad when it appears.
So I'm now re-titling my post and hopefully this nonsense will stop.