Thursday, July 30, 2009

Unk Dicko on SHIN MIN news 15 July 2009

This appeared on page 11 of the Shin Min Chinese Paper of 15 July 2009 edition. I had absolutely no idea about the article and report which featured me and Mona Yeo. Both of us were among the 2008 Active Agers Award winners presented by the Council of 3rd Age ( C3A ) in ) October
last year.
It was my very good neighbour who tipped me off a few days after the report appeared. He read about it at his restaurant but did not have a copy to show me.

About a week later, a few of my regular badminton "kakis" who all read the Chinese papers told me the same thing.
One of them..Eric, later handed me the copy.
Mona is very active in community work and in voluntary service especially in story-telling to little children.
On the same page below this report was a sponsored ad inviting nominations from the public for this year's 50 plus Active Agers Awards. You can see this in the next post.

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