Friday, September 25, 2009

The Wise Old 2 Years old!

Earlier, I was sitting at my computer station in a rather pensive mood when my wife D2 came home. From her bag, she fished out a Complimentary invitation pass to the F1 Formula One Preview Race 2009 scheduled for tonight. Admit one only. Non-transferable.
She was kind enough to wish I could go in her place...but it is unfortunately not possible.
She knew I was an early fan of the early days of Singapore Grand prix at the Old Thomson Road circuit. A few former VS classmates and I used to enjoy all the "Live" action, seated on the slopes at the fringe of Peirce Reservoir. For "live" commentary and to follow the various twists and turns during the actual race, we had our dependable transitor radio [ today's generation won't know what it is!]. We could see near and far as we also brought along our own binoculars. There were no food or refreshments stalls near where we were. But it was no big deal as we brought along our own supply of snacks, food and drinks. What if it rained..which happened once in a while?
We had our ponchos in addition to our umbrellas.
Because the races were over many laps, at times the rain came pouring down in the midst of a race resulting in many thrills and spills, at least from the spectators' perspective. I had some b & w snapshots of those days but have not located them yet. Will put them here once I can find those missing pictures.
Last year, the F1 Night Grand Prix was held on Sunday 28 Sept. It was an historic occasion for the world of motor-racing and particularly for Singapore, chosen as the venue for the world's 1st night Formula One Grand Prix.
Our Yippie people watched the Finals from the comfort of my home on the medium-big screen.
Using my digital camera, I captured many dramatic moments of the event and later that same night blogged about it.
You can read my "Live" account about
that 2008 F1 Formula One Night Grand Prix

Time passes very quickly when we are enjoying the life we live.
Time passes too slowly for those in the opposite direction.
A few days ago was the 2nd Anniversary of this "Wise Old Owl" Blogsite. I started this site on 21 Sept 2007... at that time, still a blogging novice, a newbie! The title of the blog was given to me by my daughter D4. She thought it encapsulates everything about me. " It fits you!" she said.
I'm not too sure. Daughters have been known to be bias! Haha.

Anyway, it has been one super roller-coaster ride for me personally since that day I made a decision to start on the blogging journey. There were many ups and downs.
But I NEVER gave up!
Over these past two years, I have extended the friends I have made directly as a result of my blogging activity. So who are they?
Fellow bloggers like Chun See, Philip Chew, YG, Victor Koo, Peter, James Seah, Eleanor, Laokokkok, etc, listed on my Blog links ( see above ) and some not linked yet., my blogging disciples whom I coached at Contact 123 Sg North, those who attended my public talks on Active Ageing, on the Internet and about Blogging for seniors and those who visited my blog and contacted or connected with me Luke from ASUS Technology, Eddie from Hong Kong, Shigeto Takahashi, a top Ukulele player from Japan, ...and more.

The essence of good blogging is expressing what's in our minds tempered with what we feel in our hearts. There is no pandering to any bosses or any particular group of people.

Read my very first post on this blog by clicking here.

Note that at that time, I did not even know how to "crop" a scanned photo!
I have left my original, early blogposts untouched and unedited.
It will serve as markers on my personal learning journey.
And to all my Bloggo and other friends, regular visitors and readers out there....a BIG
Thank You for keeping me company all this while !
Your presence is deeply appreciated.

If there is any particular subject, topic or incident that you will like me to explore or expand on, do let me know. I will try my best to accomodate.
Ah...yes Peter, I've not forgotten your requests like the Big Shootout at Siang Lim Park. Reason..I have not been able to locate my news clips on the subject yet. But you will get it sooner or later!

Unk Dicko


Victor said...

Happy 2nd Birthday to the Wise Old Owl (whom I assume is also known as "D1"). You have a fantastic blog filled with many thought-provoking articles that are very well-written.

unk Dicko said...

Thanks for the Good wishes Victor.
Your assumption is correct.
So happens that all our names start with D..making it easy to use a short code for each one.
Keep up the good work on your blog too!
The latest expose by Peter fascinates!

Lam Chun See said...

Ha ... I am twice your age; blogwise. But like you, I too had to learn some things the hard way. But the real 'oldie' amongst us is Victor.

No particular request for what to blog about; except maybe don't touch Victor's favourite subject. LOL.

unk Dicko said...

Haha..very good advice indeed!
He would be what we describe in today's language a "specialist". And you don't disturb specialists.