Tuesday, November 3, 2009

2009, A Fantastic Year for S'pore Women...Cabinet,EVEREST, Antarctica !

What a fantastic year 2009 has been for Singapore and especially for the ladies of Singapore in the world of adventurism!

In May, 5 out of 6 members of Singapore's Women Mount Everest Expedition made spectacular and awesome history when they stepped on the summit of the highest point in the world....Mt Everest. I remember proudly calling D2 to break the news to her as soon as I found out. As a member of Singapore's 1st Gunung Tahan Expedition team 1969, unk Dicko and certainly other fellow members, share a great sense of pride, joy and satisfaction with the success of this women team. Our heartiest Congratulations!

And in March this year, in a brave and bold move, the Singapore Cabinet appointed our first full woman Minister in the person of Mrs Lim Hwee Hua, MP for Serangoon Gardens. Previous to this, she was a Senior Minister of State, holding two portfolios. It has taken nearly 50 years to see this 'psychological barrier' broken. As a result of this, more and more women will be able to step forward confidently and take up new challenges that once were thought unthinkable. I had blogged about this historic breakthrough appointment. You can read it HERE.

And one person, one super lady who has stepped forward confidently to 'take up a completely new and unimaginable CHALLENGE' is the subject of this blogpost...SOPHIA PANG, S'pore's team representative to this all women polar expedition. Having met and spoken with her, Unk Dicko is confident that come 1st January 2010, SOPHIA will go into the history book as the first Singapore woman to have conquered the South Pole.

Let us all as fellow Singaporeans wish her and her team "a Safe and Successful expedition". Between now and her return, you can read up interesting details about the expedition on their official website which is "live" with tweeter etc.

Those of you who might be wondering about how they would cope in those harsh and extreme conditions with regards to their food, water, health, sleep, hygiene, toilet, communication, direction finding, travel, pulling sleds ( 80 kg! ) etc..., just click on the link to their website below. There are lots of photos too.


I hope readers will send their good wishes or messages in the comment box.
Sophia is aware that I will be blogging about her journey and we will keep in touch.


Thimbuktu said...

Hi Unk Dicko, thank you for your updates on the Antartic Expedition 2009.

I've sent a "Good Luck" message to Sophia and her team of brave gals from your link.

Our Singaporean gals are made of tough stuff indeed...they have both brains and brawns too!

unk Dicko said...

Thanks James. I'm sure they will appreciate it...esp "luck". The weather is so unpredictable these days especially in such extreme places on earth. Many expeditions to Everest ended in total disaster with loss of lives due to this factor.
Yes...our S'pore gals are no longer the "mak neneks" of old. They conquer mountains, brave the cold,trek overland and explore faraway places.
It is truly a new world today for them and for us.