Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Gaming at Libraries? WHY not!

Unk Dicko was interviewed by The New Paper on Monday by reporter Liew Hanqing. The interview took place at the 14th floor of the National Library.
The subject of the interview was to get my views and feedback about video gaming and in particular the session that I attended at the Jurong Regional Library, last month. The article appeared in the paper on Tuesday 24 Nov 2009, page 9.

On the Saturday morning of 24 October, I drove my wife, 3 grand kids and their maid to the venue. On arrival, I was happy to meet up with James Seah ( Blog to Express ) who had forwarded me the invite and Ivan Chew ( the Rambling Librarian blogger) who was the host.
It is really wonderful to meet and speak to fellow blogger friends in person.

Photo: James Seah and us.
Young and old enjoying themselves at the Games station.

Unk Dicko trying out the game of Bowling on Wii Sports with others.

James enjoying playing a Board game.

Unk Dicko playing a Board game with cards. It was fun as it required not just luck but some semblance of good memory.

Photo: The little ones enjoying their game of Mario Kart.
After the session ended at about 1 pm, we adjourned for a prepared lunch.
Overall the session was very successful and served its purpose. I think this is certainly a step in the right direction to make a library " more alive". We need to move with the times. We who have tried it out are all for this innovative move!
Thanks James. Thanks Ivan.

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Well, thank you for turning up with the grandkids. Your participation helped us confirm what worked and what needed more refinements. One of the more memorable incident was your impromptu lesson to James on how to Wii Bowl. I thought it was a fantastic example of the learning and sharing element for the event. And thanks for helping the public library with the interview.