Thursday, November 19, 2009

Adrian Lim the cult murderer...trial and execution.

[Above: Scanned image of ST 26 -11-1988 unk Dicko's private news archives. ]
The execution of condemned criminals is never announced to the public in Singapore beforehand. Except for those directly responsible for carrying out the final order of the court, no one has a clue when that date with the hangman will be. It was only when I saw the front page of the Straits Times on 26 November 1988 that I realised all 3 were hanged at dawn the previous day. Thus ended one of the most gripping story of murder in local history and the 2nd longest trial in Singapore...41 days. The record is held by the 62 days Pulau Senang trial in 1963.
The whole nation had followed the case of cult murderer Adrian Lim, together with his wife and mistress, charged with the brutal ritual killing of 2 young Primary school kids in 1981, at Adrian's Toa Payoh flat in Lorong 7.
When the hearing started in the High Court of Singapore under our 2 judges system in April and May 1983, it shocked an entire nation with its gruesome details of human sacrifice, black magic, sex and violence. Many people were horrified by the unspeakable acts that were committed by the "unholy trinity" ( it was a term coined for them ) involving bizarre practices such as drinking human blood ( 2 doctors got into some trouble later ), sexual perversions, spirit possession, indiscriminate cruelty and finally ritualistic murder.
When the killings were first discovered in January 1981, my family and I were also residing in Toa Payoh. Parents with young children everywhere but especially in my township, were frightened to no end. I recall that many forbade their kids from going to the neighbourhood playground...knowing full well what had happened to little Agnes ( 9 ) and Ghazali (10). As for me and D2 we always accompanied our 2 kids. Better to be safe than eternally sorry.
This case drew large crowds when the hearing started.
The 2 judges were Justice T S Sinnathuray and Justice F A Chua. Prosecution was led by DPP Glenn Knight. Adrian Lim was defended by H E Cashin while Nathan Isaac defended Hoe.
The late JB Jeyaretnam ( former Worker's Party leader ) defended Tan.
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Aishah Bowron said...

Adrian Lim is the most sickest and most wicked man to ever lived on this planet. He and his 2 women deserved their deaths. This is the most macabre murders I ever read of all the murder stories I've read

Anonymous said...

Some time paper can only tell part of the story, certain info were "Missed". Later the News Article were misplaced, Book about the case "Missing or Lost". People that appear in the Court case were death.