Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Don't MISS this tonight...Leonids Meteor Shower!!!

This will be a very short and brief post to alert all my blog visitors.
Sometime tonight, past midnight of 18 November ( Wednesday ), there will be an expected fireworks of meteors in the night sky. This is brought about by the appearance of the Leonids Meteor passing close to earth and vice-versa.
The 2 best places in the world to catch the viewing this time is North America and Asia.
Those of us in Singapore can prepare to see these fiery meteor fireworks from approximately midnight onwards upto 5am. The peak is between 3- 5 am.
For better viewing, go to a dark area free of urban built up lighting....the dark corners of a beach,
hilltop, Japanese Garden, Science Centre....etc.
Binoculars... if you know how to use them fast and properly, may add to viewing pleasure.
Otherwise, it can be a hindrance.
Unk Dicko would be an Owl tonight!


madlittleliberal said...

Do you think we can watch from serangoon ornot? I am at serangoon ave 2. 3-5 too early in the morning to drag kids to ecp pr somewhere. Where did you get the information aboru the meteor shower anyway?

unk Dicko said...

Whether you can see the meteor shower from Serangoon Ave 2...it depends. If the sky is clear, from where you intend to be and you are not obstructed by high buildings around and if there is no relection from urban lights.., then maybe possible. But it's not easy to find such a spot where you are.
I might take a night drive to Changi Point. It's dark enough there and no highrise buildings around.
The alert appeared on major and local news online website.
Just key in " Leonid meteor" and search in Google for latest updates.

unk Dicko said...

Additional update.
You might want to locate a field which is not near any lighted up buildings. At that hour,the field should be dark enough to for you to see the showers. Those "ulu-ulu"
places are also very good. Punggol end and the tracks left or right.
Seng Kang area around Serangoon river. Lorong Halus.
Of course, the Science Centre is organising a special session at the Japanese Garden for the public.
It's free. Starts from 8 pm tonight.

MsDaphne said...

but i heard it was a disappointment, due to the rain or something. did you get to see anything?

unk Dicko said...

Yes, it turned out to be a huge disappointment for the big crowd that turned up at the Japanese Gardens and probably those watching elsewhere. You can see the onsite interviews and news on RAZOR TV online.
If you note my earlier comments I had added a "warning"..." if the sky is CLEAR ".
Starting from 10 pm, I was monitoring the sky and found it was completely overcast. In between, it also drizzled. Not even a star could I see until much later, past 4 AM!
In such conditions...I knew we'd probably see nothing.
So, I did not venture out...pointless.
At about 4.40 AM, the sky cleared up a little. I was watching the sky especially the north and NE direction from my very own back garden[very dark! I didn't realise!]
Upto 5.30 AM, I caught 3 clear "shooting stars" in that portion of the sky. The 3rd one that streaked past was like a planet size object with red and orange plumes behind.
I am glad I stayed up and remained home.
At least, I got to witness the meteorites.