Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Just WHAT the devil is josiah mavenm com??

About 3 nights ago, an unwanted, horrible, real pain in the ass pop-up script window
suddenly appeared on this blog of mine. As soon as I clicked on my Owl blogsite and the latest
homepage opens up, within a few seconds...this parasitic pop-up box window appears. Then nothing more can move...even my cursor can't respond!!!
To access my other folders on the computer, I had to switch off the whole system and restart again...avoiding my Blogger dashboard.
I spent the last 3 days studying all the protocols and settings, all the controls and access plus googled about such unwanted malware, spyware, add-ons etc... .
Won't say the time is wasted as I have come out "learning" alot more about many of these technical stuff that confronts bloggers and computer users, from time to time.
This parasitic and devilish unwanted box window then added an advert on my blogpage with scripted letters...a thing I have never seen before. I wonder if any of you my regular visitors saw it. It was below the separate INFO COMM widget. There were a few tiny rectangular boxes with a red "X" in them...and a scroll-down page for Qs and As...in a broken and incomplete format.
In my attempts to get rid of this REALLY PESKY browser DEVIL, I tried everything ( almost )
that was possible with my limited I T knowhow. It obviously did not work 100 %...but slowly I was gaining the upper hand. At least, the cursor can respond.
Then pressing "Alt + F4 " will close it for a short while...then it comes right back again.
Whoever created such a DEVIL to frustrate and irritate ordinary peace-loving and upright people like Unk Dicko and countless others....just let me say you are rather fortunate to be hiding behind your asses.
I wonder if you have the courage to come face to face with just me.

I reproduce the actual wordings in the "Devil's" window below. It reads:-

" Connect to josiah.mavenm,com
The server josiah.mavenm.com at Josiah Staging User Realm requires a user name:_______ and password:_________ . "

In the pop-up box was also Windows own warning about this prompting!
This server ( mavenm.com) is requiring that your username and password be sent in an insecure manner( basic authentication without a secure connection ).

I urge all of you if you have faced such a devil's time as I did to share and REPORT this matter to our GOVT Infocomm and MEDIA CONTROL authorities.
Those of you reading this post ...if you are from IDA, MDA or INFOCOMM 123, may I gently invite you to kindly look into this matter.
Help prevent such nonsense from happening again.
Pl also check the background of the website mentioned.
What are they up to???
I was tempted throughout these past 3 days to divulge my confidential details just to end the stalemate!
But I NEVER did.
Unk Dicko never ever run away from bullies...even cyber types.
I MANAGED to clear that damned thing on my very own a short while ago!


PP said...

I saw this and alerted the rest including the others. Same problem you I got.

I prefer people to reveal their names when they make comments rather than hiding under "anonymous". Why so scare? What for? Because Singapore is a police state? Because one can be very brave hiding behind the screen and throwing darts?

unk Dicko said...

Thank you PP.
These are cyber assasins and cheats.
They hope to jam up your access. It is almost like they have put a new lock on your frontdoor and extorting you for a ransom if you want the key! And they will NEVER give you the key!
So to enter your own house, you have to climb over the wall and saw off the lock from inside.
That's what I did!