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The 1964 Racial Riots...listen to MM LKY.

As we look back at what transpired 46 years ago, we, of that generation who lived through the riots and are still alive today, should go down on our knees and thank God ( or your lucky stars )
that multi-racial Singapore was kicked out of that " Abang" country on 9 August 1965.
For if we had been somehow still cowed to remain since that fateful separation year, the SINGAPORE of today would still be like the "dirty longkangs" of the 50's and 60's.
Look at Sabah and Sarawak...just imagine what they could have been today if only...... well, you know what I mean.
And we would still be singing an anthem that is borrowed from Indonesia and Hawaii.
And our heartaches and misery would have multiplied by a MILLION fold! Of this I'm not joking. Just imagine, what kind of education you would have got, if at all. What about freedom to worship? Equal job opportunities? Freedom from racial bias, promotion, bigotry? Freedom from party and all forms of government corruption? Safety and security?
I can name untold number of things that say we Singaporeans should be humbly Thankful that things worked out better for us this way after we each went our separate ways.
The Singapore of today is INDEED a NATION to be FULLY PROUD of!
[ Some results of Syed Ja'afar Albar and UMNO extremists plans, 1963-1965]
This particular crowd of UMNO instigators were at the Paya Lebar Airport to welcome
the Tunku ( M'sian PM ) in early August 1965 after he flew back from London, on a
stop over.
Despite the racial riots the previous year (in 1964)in Singapore as well as in Penang
having already occurred, the racial and political poison based on falsehoods continued non-stop...but
now mainly focussing their multi-prong attacks on just ONE MAN - Lee Kuan Yew,
then the PAP as a party, then Singapore that order.
The HATE campaign against Lee Kuan Yew embroiled everyone. Even the Agong ( M'sian King)
in his address in Parliament referred to " an enemy within the House"!
Special UMNO newspapers were printed that were meant for the rural and kampong folks..and they churned up big time, casting L K Y as the enemy of all Malays, Muslims, Sultans, and whatnots.
Those in the cities,towns and urban areas have their favourite "The Utusan Melayu" daily which was the main mouthpiece used by the UMNO ULTRAS...and Ja'afar ALBAR was the most popular and prominent among all. His words were used to deadly proved by the riots.
Thus it was a widespread sinister PLAN that required organisation, knowledge and approval from the very top of the leadership.
Allow me to quote from LKY's Memoirs - The Singapore Story. Chapter 40 subtitled " UMNO's
Crush Lee Campaign " 602. This was what MM wrote below.....
[ The race issue overshadowed everything else. During a session of the federal parliament in Nov 1964, Dr Lim Chong Eu, MP and leader of the opposition United Democratic party (UDP) based in Penang, commiserated with me over the two race riots we had suffered in Singapore. He said he had experienced it all.
From his description of the disorders in Penang in the 1950s, I realised that what ALBAR and his UMNO Turks had applied in Singapore was a well-tested method. The police and the army held the ring while favouring the Malay rioters - usually bersilat groups, thugs and gangsters let loose to make mischief.
Once passions were aroused and enough Chinese counter-attacked, even ordinary Malays joined in. When the Chinese hit back, they were clobbered by the police and army: law and order were enforced against them, not against the Malays.
The result was a sullen, cowed population.
We had to find a counter to this system of intimidation through race riots, with Chinese being killed and maimed wherever they dared to resist Malay domination. ]
( Colored emphasis is mine )
I made some checks on all those arrested and charged in court in July and Sept 1964...from the
Straits Times records. What MM said is TRUE . The rampaging mobs of rioters were mainly Malays when the riots started and continued more or less that way.
Yet about or more than 90 % of those arrested and charged were Chinese ! Only a few Malays.
Anyone can check this out for themselves.
Below is a story from the latest issue of SPRING...the NE Community Development Council of Singapore.
64 year old Sally ( not her real name ) described her terrible sadness at losing a good friend killed during the 1964 riots.
The victim was a former journalist G Subhas.
From my own careful research checking the digitalised pages of the Straits Times starting from 21 July 1964 and onwards..I think Sally made a mistake about the period when G Subhas was attacked and later died from his severe injuries.
On page 16 of the S Times issue of 23 July 1964, there was mention of G Subhas the ex-journalist and his attack.
I quote : [ G Subhas was admitted to hospital at 1 pm with severe injuries. He is believed to have been attacked while taking pictures of the clashes. ]
Then a day or so later [ G Subhas died last night in hospital... ].
So the case of this ex-journalist happened during the July riots and not the September riots.
Can't blame "Sally"for mixing up the happened 46 years ago!


Thimbuktu said...

The blog on the 1964 racial riots is an eye-opener of what a tumultuous period for multi-racial Singaporeans.

The "outsider instigators" doesn't care others just create havoc, hatred and disorder in another territory. Instead of racial harmony for peace and happiness, the instigators create confusion, suspicion among different races and split the peoples of human blue eyes vs brown eyes or discrimination of skin colors.

Make peace, not hatred for all thy neighbors.

unk Dicko said...

Singapore has been labelled by countries around the world, including the UN, as a MODEL of a peaceful, multi-racial, multi-religious, multi-culture and language nation that should and could be emulated.
The fabric, structure and framework that uphold our peaceful co-existence with all races primarily came as a result of the 1964 riots and our independence after separation in August 65.
The old batch of UMNO ULTRAS have mostly passed into history only to be replaced by new "adventure seekers" out to glorify themselves and seek power at any price or cost...even brandishing weapons( Malay kris) in Parliament and uttering OPEN threats against the already COWED and subjugated minority Chinese...and "behave themselves or ELSE !",,,followed by the waving of the kris.
The one who waved the kris is not the road sweeper. He is right among the top of the leadership team.
With such men i/c and the old adventurer still sniping away at his own kind...they continue to be a powderkeg for as long as they travel on a path far altruistic and equal than ours.

Icemoon said...

From another perspective, it is unfortunate that Adik separated from Abang. Just imagine what would have happened if MSC stayed on. I suppose waving kris and instigating riots are the actions of coward. Just what are they afraid of, anyway? :)

Syahidah Ismail said...

Hi Unk Dicko,

The picture you posted on this blog post is quite interesting. What is the source of the picture?:)

Unk Dicko said...

Hi Syahidah,
Thanks for visiting !
At the moment, I can't be sure of the source. Sometimes, I searched the internet patiently for images for my blogposts..and forgot to note down the source. Some I noted and can put a footnote. Many of my pics and images come from news clips, mags,pages saved previously in my own archives and files.

Syahidah Ismail said...

Alright thanks! :)