Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Vietnam War...More Gruesome Reminders !

You will recall in my previous posts that I arrived at the War Museum as a pillion rider
on my guide..Ah Sup's bike. I gave him some money ( which he politely declined ) to go have some drinks and refreshments as I wanted to spend at least an hour at this site. Nevertheless, after making sure that he was seated at a nearby coffee stall and hence need not be uncomfortable, I went into the compound.

As I was alone on my own, I was able to be nimble -footed. That's the advantage when you can craft your own sight-seeing programme and carry it out alone or with a partner. So often in group tours, a group consisting of 40-50 people tend to move from point A to point B too slowly.
Much time is wasted to gather people, herd them together so they do not wander off, wait for those who went " to sing a song" and rejoin the party, wait for so many still posing at different locations for pictures and a whole string of other time-wasters. Just imagine this, if
every time the guide stops to highlight an item and 5 minutes is wasted as I pointed can add up the precious wasted time.
The most obvious advantage in doing your own tour is that you and only you yourself decide what you want to do and see with the time planned, what are the things you can skip completely or have just a curtsory glance.
From my posts and pictures,
you will get an idea of what I wanted to see in that limited time I had.
I urge you to take your time to scrutinise these descriptions on "Torture Methods"
that were used against those unfortunate victims.
In a humanitarian law and order system...such horrendous torture practices would
So, why was this allowed?
It was war time...remember.
And especially in war time, as MAO said..." He who holds the gun holds the power ". Period!

[Inside the Tiger Cage Section -Explanation on Torture]

[ All of us have heard about the Biblical "Hell" described only in words . ]
[ But as they say...this is the real McCoy ! For the unfortunate victims in
[ this prison system...they do not fear Hell. They were already in it! ]

[ Various torture instruments. There are more displayed.]

[ No way a prisoner can escape at all. Often a quick death ]
[ was a more merciful alternative from this"living hell".

[ A cell of a typical "political" prisoner with a leg shackled ]
[ at all times. ]

[ A prisoner with both legs shackled. Lying down will]
[ cause untold pain to his ankles. ]

[ The skeleton...skull of a tortured victim with a]
[ nail hammered into his skull was unearthed. ]

[ Discovered records of a prisoner who ]
[ was executed. ]


PChew said...

War existed in time immemorial. Torture of prisoners to obtain informations is the norm. During the Nanking Massacre the Japanese not only tortured prsioners but also used them for various experimants. At Guantanamo Bay it was reported that 4 prisoners commited suicide as they could not bear the torture anymore.

unk Dicko said...

The saga of "Man's inhumanity to men" will continue to repeat itself until the day the real God manifest himself on earth and put a stop to it.
Until that time comes, I'm afraid those on the side of Good can only do so much.