Sunday, August 15, 2010

Mani the bird.. predicts Opening games of the EPL !

Whereas Paul the world famous Octopus in Germany has quietly taken a back that the World Cup is over, Mani the parakeet guided and coached by his owner, will attempt to rake in more earnings.
I just came across some reports that say Mani has made the predictions for all the opening games of new EPL season that started last night. It seems to me quite likely his owner "M" is making use of his celebrated status in the recent W Cup predictions to cash in further.
According to these reports, the TNP featured a story about the latest happenings.
I haven't seen the actual report yet.

It appears that M had prepared 3 separate cards...1 for team A win, the 2nd for Team B win and the 3rd is for a DRAW game. ( That 3rd card for a DRAW option was missing in the W Cup check out my detailed posts about the possibility of Draws previously which came TRUE! ).
So based on this simple premise he guided Mani into making his foray in EPL picks.
The full 10 predictions are reproduced below.
In betting parlance, Mani has made predictions for the 1 x 2 betting option.
It is either Home Team win or Away Team win...or neither side win and it's a Draw.
Mathematically speaking, he has 1 out of 3 chances of getting it right [ 33.33 % ] for
each game.

If you take 2 ten cent coins and throw them yourself for "directions" you have as much
chance as Mani for getting it right [ 33.33 %] too.
Two "heads" mean Home Team win, Two "tails" mean Away Team win while one head and one tail point to a Draw. In the old days we kids call this kind of outcome " tiong". I am uncertain of its origins but "tiong" probably means "middle or center".

So what's the difference?
You save between $10 - 20, the amount charged by M as reported. Add in time, effort, and travel expenses...and you'll have to spend more.
If there is a foolproof method of making 100 % correct predictions every single time, then WHY on earth are the fortune-tellers not doing it for themselves? They will only need to follow their "own" advice and retire from their tough life as rich men.

I would seriously suggest for all punters to exercise caution when
it comes to football betting and put on their thinking cap more.
Above all, if you can't avoid betting, bet small.
Betting BIG and if you lose all, doubling or tripling your next round..hoping to win
it a guaranteed, one way ticket to Hell!
Don't ever do it!
The English Premier League start this week for the new season 2010/2011.
Mani the Parrot, made the following predictions:

Spur vs M City - M City to win = M wrong
Aston Villa vs West Ham - West Ham to win = M right
Wolves vs Stoke - Wolves to win = M right
Bolton vs Fulham - Draw = M right
Blackburn vs EvertonEverton to win = M wrong
Wigan vs BlackpoolWigan to win = M wrong
Sunderland vs Birmingham -Birmingham to win = M wrong
Chelsea vs West BromWest Brom to win = M wrong
Liverpool vs Arsenal -Draw = M right
MU vs Newcastle - Newcastle to win = M wrong
Unk Dicko's observations:
Mani and his owner "M" has already made their 1st MAJOR error. I saw the game earlier, played between Tottenham Hotspurs ( Home) and Manchester City ( Away ).
The bird picked M City to win.
But the game ended in a scoreless DRAW.
I pity all those who plonked big money on an M City win by just blindly following such practices as reported.
I will update the Final results of these 10 games.
Latest update: Highlighted ones predicted wrongly by Mani
Spurs 0, M City 0
Blackburn 1, Everton 0
Wigan 0, Blackpool 4
Sunderland 2, Birmingham 2
A Villa 3, West Ham 0
Wolves 2 , Stoke 1
Bolton 0 , Fulham 0
Chelsea 6, West Brom 0
Liverpool 1, Arsenal 1
M united 3, Newcastle 0
So out of 10 completed games, Mani and " M" had only picked 4 correctly while 6 "kosongs" are really embarassing to anything with a psychic reputation to uphold.
That's TRULY unacceptable for people to place huge sums on such unreliable predictions.
You can try it for yourself.
Some weeks, you might just get 1 or 2 out of 10 correctly.
Then, you might hit 9 out of 10 in another. Are you then suddenly"pyschic" and spur you to set up a roadside stall?
The only way that Chelsea could have been beaten by W Brom earlier was to show them what the bird predicted before the match started.
The Chelsea players would have laughed themselves to death!


Uncle Lee said...

Hi Unk Dicko, noticed your profile over at P. Chew's place and busybody over.
I sure love your collection of kind.
I enjoyed looking over your previous posting pics, as well your eloquent postings. Outstanding!

Re gambling, the safest way to double your money is to fold it over once and put it in your pocket.

However, I do love playing poker, but strictly max $1.00.....thus win or lose, maybe $20. No need to have wife put hands on hips and give that Clint Eastwood stare when returning home.

Its more the fun of shooting the breeze with friends over a bottle of Jack Daniels.
You have a pleasant week, stay young and keep a song in your heart. Best regards, Lee.

unk Dicko said...

Hi Unk Lee,
Great to have you here and sharing similar sentiments!
I sure like your foldable advice on doubling money. It will work!
Thanks for the feedback on posts. I can see it comes from your heart, not common nowadays.
I have not played poker in a long time although I love the game v much...because of the added element of "bluffing" your way through and looking so closely at your friends faces and body language as we seldom do.
" Clint Eastwood stare"...Haha, good one! What if you Win, will the wifey do a Rose Chan dance?