Monday, August 2, 2010

Chuck Berry's 1972 hit...My Ding a-Ling.

How many of us still remember the name Chuck Berry? I would'nt really be surprised if there are many who do not quite remember him at all. Some might, just might recall a rhythm and blues song called "Johnny B Goode " which was quite popular among our local pop bands in the 60's. Actually, Chuck Berry is one of the most influential guitarist, singer, songwriter and "live" entertainer from the 50's till today. His name has been enshrined and recognised in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Former President Jimmy Carter invited him to the White House to perform some of his trademark songs, movement and stance.

The reason I'm bloggin about Chuck Berry or rather more about his 1972 hit " My Ding a-Ling" is because I am re-organising my Ukulele song files for a regular weekly Sing a-long session that I'm doing for my Kampong folks. For such Sing a-longs, the main purpose is to sing and enjoy the songs of old in a relaxing fashion and hopefully in good company.

Selecting different kinds of songs add variety to the gathering...including funny, cheeky but preferably not bawdy types. All of us know some of these which are never sung in the presence of ladies. Then as I go through my song collection...I come across the hit "My Ding a-Ling" by Chuck Berry. Thinking back, I don't seem to recall this song being played often over our local airwaves. was not banned at all. There is nothing wrong nor 'dirty' about the lyrics. Whatever some few people was more what they perceived in their 'own minds' that decided the picture for them.

So it was purely innuendos that led some puritanical ladies to protest and try to effect a ban on this song. It did not succeed at all. The song became even more popular as time went by. One retired ex-principal friend of mine never fail to request for this song whenever yours truly conduct a Sing a-long, with him present!

Today, Chuck Berry is still performing live though he is about 84 years old.

In this Youtube is another great entertainer...Rolf Harris who draws and shows you what a Ding a-Ling actually is!

PS: Remember to click off my Jukebox sound before you play the video.


Xinli said...

I enjoy this video alot haha. I like the impromptu sketching and the casual atmosphere.

unk Dicko said...

Yes, Rolf Harris was famous for entertaining with his cartooning while singing.
I don't know if my older readers still recall this...there was a show called "The Rolf Harris Show" which appeared on our TV regularly. Can't remember the period though.